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User Interface Design Fundamentals – Part 1
In this article, we discuss user interface design fundamentals and how to create an interface that is both useful and visually attractive.
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05/01/2021 Krzysztof Kundys: His Career Path at CSHARK and His After-Hours Secret
Krzysztof Kundys is a software tester who's been working at CSHARK for almost two years. Read about his career before and after he joined CSHARK.
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21/12/2020 Growing in Spite of Challenges – CSHARK with the Second Business Gazelle Award
We are thrilled to announce that CSHARK received the Business Gazelle 2020 Award.
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11/12/2020 MVP Development – 15 Steps to Build an Effective MVP
We debunk some of the myths around MVP development, providing a clear concept itself and the right way to execute the MVP.
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24/11/2020 Inversion of Control #2: Decoupling through Events
Read about the next level of implementation of the Inversion of Control: the Events. The article is written by Konrad Zajda, our full-stack developer.
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