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.NET Core vs. .NET Framework – Which is a Better Choice for Your Next App?
What is the difference between the .NET Core and the .NET Framework? Read the article and make the right decision when picking between these two for your software development project.
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23/06/2021 When .NET Framework is the Best Choice for Application Development and Why?
Adam Maciejek talks about the .NET framework created by Microsoft, its advantages over other platforms, and why this technology is the best choice for app development.
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15/06/2021 Krzysiek Szymczyk’s Career Change: From Military Service to IT
We’ve asked Krzysiek Szymczyk what pushed him to change his career after he served in the military in the Engineers Corps for 13 years.
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09/06/2021 CSHARK Gets Recognized as One of the Top B2B Service Providers for Sustained Growth by Clutch
According to the latest Clutch report, CSHARK is among the 100 sustained-growth companies globally.
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27/05/2021 Enhanced Product Development – What’s Involved, and How Much Does It Cost?
In this article, we explain how to succeed in the product development process. We talk about the product development stages, how we enhance this process at CSHARK, how much it can cost, and how long it can take.
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