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CSHARK Rated by Clutch as one of Poland’s Top Software Developers for 2020
CSHARK is one of Poland’s Top Software Developers for 2020. Quality software matters to us that’s why we are very proud of our high ratings on Clutch.
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29/06/2020 9 Common Project Management Challenges in Software Development
Read about the most common project management challenges in custom software development, and the best ways to minimize the risk of failure.
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18/06/2020 Inversion of Control – #1 Dependency Injection
Inversion of Control is a pattern of software development in object-oriented programming. We distinguish several implementations of the IoC. In this article, we will take a closer look at the first implementation - the dependency injection.
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03/06/2020 The Project Manager’s Role in Software Product Development
The Project Manager makes sure that a software product is delivered within an agreed timeframe and in a certain budget. But the responsibilities don’t end just there. It is a multifaceted role that impacts the software product development project, the development team, the client and related processes in a number of ways. Read on to understand what a Project Manager can do for your team and your project.
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29/05/2020 CSHARK Got the Next Review on the Clutch
Our 5th review on the Clutch is from OmegaLambdaTec, the German advanced data analysis company. Our team has developed a mobile application for data reading from wearable devices.
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