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CSHARK Gets Recognized as One of the Top B2B Service Providers for Sustained Growth by Clutch
According to the latest Clutch report, CSHARK is among the 100 sustained-growth companies globally.
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27/05/2021 Enhanced Product Development – What’s Involved, and How Much Does It Cost?
In this article, we explain how to succeed in the product development process. We talk about the product development stages, how we enhance this process at CSHARK, how much it can cost, and how long it can take.
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17/05/2021 Minimum Viable Product Is Not For You – It’s For The User. MVP Testing
We explain what minimum viable product testing is, why it is essential to test the MVP, collect feedback from the users, and how our MVP testing approach looks.
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06/05/2021 Piotr Homa: Always Up For an Adventure
Read the interview with Piotr Homa, who works in the Development Team. He tells us about his passion for outdoor life.
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29/04/2021 CSHARK Gets Recognized as Wroclaw’s Best Digital Design Company
CSHARK has been recognized as Wroclaw’s Best Digital Design Company, according to Clutch's Top B2B Companies in 2021.
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