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Petromex Has Positively Reviewed Our Cooperation In The Interview For Clutch
The Polish wholesaler and retailer of fuels and heating diesel oils, Petromex company, described our cooperation on the Clutch platform.
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19/10/2020 How to Align Communication Between Software Testers and Software Developers?
Communication skills are important. In software development especially, testers and developers must be able to collaborate closely to deliver a software product on time, in accordance with quality standards and client requirements specified at the outset. They will successfully deliver only if they communicate with each other clearly and efficiently.
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05/10/2020 Microsoft Ignite 2020 – Event of the “New Normal”
There is no doubt that we are living in interesting times. COVID-19 hit us throughout entire globe forcing people to stay home, wear masks and obey social distancing, shutting down gatherings, and making traveling a lot more difficult than it used to be. In the dawn of “new normal,” we have shifted our activities online, as much as we could. That what’s Ignite 2020 was about – from form through contents.
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16/09/2020 CSHARK and SWPS University Launch a Joint Internship Program
CSHARK began cooperation with the SWPS University to help elevate skills of graphic design students via an internship program. Thanks to the program, the interns will gain hands-on experience in designing applications and software products.
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10/09/2020 Web Application Development For Visa Programs | Case Study
HTP J-1 Visa Programs approached us because they needed to change and maintain an already existing web application. All the programming challenges, business goals and the result has been described in this case study.
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