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CSHARK and SWPS University Launch a Joint Internship Program
CSHARK began cooperation with the SWPS University to help elevate skills of graphic design students via an internship program. Thanks to the program, the interns will gain hands-on experience in designing applications and software products.
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10/09/2020 Web Application Development For Visa Programs | Case Study
HTP J-1 Visa Programs approached us because they needed to change and maintain an already existing web application. All the programming challenges, business goals and the result has been described in this case study.
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26/08/2020 Technical Skills of a Highly Effective Software Tester
Software testers need a variety of technical skills to understand the technology they are about to verify. They must be able to use the testing tools, follow the testing process, report on their findings and show a solid knowledge of the current web and mobile technology trends.
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29/07/2020 What Does a Software Tester Do? Key Responsibilities
Software testers are key in assuring quality standards of the development and deployment of new software tool. A software tester must take all the functional requirements into consideration and check whether they have been implemented in an optimal way.
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15/07/2020 5 Tools that Facilitate Software Project Management
The software development process needs to be carefully planned and managed. This would not be possible without dedicated tools that make it easier for the project manager to remain focused and productive.
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