Meet Our Guilds Powering Innovation

Each delivery team, which we fondly refer to as a ‘guild’, embodies a distinct fusion of talent, expertise, and passion. Delve in to meet these specialized teams that collaboratively innovate and ardently advance our collective vision, sculpting solutions that truly stand out.

Remote First

Balancing Remote-First with Client Needs

From the start, CSHARK has embraced a remote-first approach, recognizing and celebrating the diverse work preferences within our team. We don’t subscribe to strict 9-to-5 schedules but instead prioritize flexible ‘business hours’, aligning with the distinct needs of our clients and projects.

While we primarily operate remotely, we also understand that certain client requirements might necessitate office visits or on-site interactions. Regardless of the setting—home, café, or office—our emphasis remains on trust, collaboration, and delivering results.

Join a Guild & Shape Your Career

Our work culture thrives on autonomy and trust. We believe that mistakes exist so they can be made.


Piotr Zięba

Frontend Engineering Manager

CSHARK is a place for those who can listen, weigh arguments, and engage in discussions. We’re not afraid of challenges; we enjoy doing our work while respecting the people around us.


Tomek Draheim

People Operations Lead

The work atmosphere is wonderful, and regardless of one’s experience, everyone working at CSHARK can find a helpful soul who will assist, teach, and show how to solve the challenges we face.


Aleksander Baworowski

Account Manager

CSHARK is a place for people who are oriented towards exploring, testing, and experiencing. I appreciate this independence, hands-on approach, and freedom of action.


Bartek Twaróg

Business Analyst

It’s a proactive, committed community characterized by progressive thinking, both in business and in relationships with each other. That’s what attracted me to CSHARK.


Paweł Krupa

Key Account Manager

I have the opportunity for continuous development by being involved in innovative projects and working with excellent, competent individuals.


Filip Brodka

Software Developer

It’s the people who create the atmosphere of this company. When I talk to someone for the first time, I feel like I’ve known them for a long time. I feel at home.


Albert Dutkowski

IT & Infrastructure Specialist

A great, well-chosen group of experts. They’re cultured and interesting, even when you set aside business.


Maciej Lupa

General Counsel (Legal & Compliance Department)

During the recruitment process, I had the opportunity to experience this ease and flow. I immediately felt that such an atmosphere existed in the company. Indeed, everyone here is positive towards each other; there are no rigid constraints.


Magdalena Filipowicz

Quality Assurance Engineer

Currently hiring

Fullstack Developer (.NET + React)

  • senior 130 – 160 PLN/h + VAT B2B
  • middle 100 – 125 PLN/h + VAT B2B
  • senior 130 – 160 PLN/h + VAT B2B
  • middle 100 – 125 PLN/h + VAT B2B
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