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Krzysztof Kundys: His Career Path at CSHARK and His After-Hours Secret
Krzysztof Kundys is a software tester who's been working at CSHARK for almost two years. Read about his career before and after he joined CSHARK.
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05/11/2020 Piotr Opiełka: Software Developer Who Gets a Party Started
Piotr Opiełka is a software developer who's been at CSHARK for a year. He has a keen interest in delivering solutions in .NET. In this interview, Piotrek explains how he pursues his passion for music.
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26/03/2020 How CSHARK Uses Slack to Build Positive Company Culture
Every company needs an internal communication tool. An application that allows for rapid thought exchange, process management, and customer relations. For CSHARK, it’s Slack – a tool that’s fast, reliable, and simple to use.
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19/03/2020 How to Provide Feedback?
Why is the ability to provide efficient feedback so important? Because each of us is part of a larger social system, such as a team at work. We always have expectations from other people, so we have to express them effectively.
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29/10/2019 CSHARK is 5 Years Old – We Fit All Times
Our company is 5 years old! We want to take this opportunity to go down the memory lane and remember important moments from our past. It's important if you want to create a future.
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