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The Art of Conducting Performance Reviews: 7 Tips for an Effective Review Meeting
In the final article in this series, we provide you with 7 tips to conduct the performance review meeting in a useful and constructive manner.
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12/02/2021 Tomasz Szczepaniak: Our Product Support Technical Lead
Tomasz Szczepaniak shares some insights into his after-hours interest and explains what he likes most about working at CSHARK.
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05/01/2021 Krzysztof Kundys: His Career Path at CSHARK and His After-Hours Secret
Krzysztof Kundys is a software tester who's been working at CSHARK for almost two years. Read about his career before and after he joined CSHARK.
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12/11/2020 The Art of Conducting Performance Reviews – Our Approach
We offer a feedback process that is different from traditional methods. Our approach is more systematic and flexible, we concentrate on what really matters and we prioritize the areas for improvement.
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05/11/2020 Piotr Opiełka: Software Developer Who Gets a Party Started
Piotr Opiełka is a software developer who's been at CSHARK for a year. He has a keen interest in delivering solutions in .NET. In this interview, Piotrek explains how he pursues his passion for music.
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