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User Interface Design Fundamentals – Part 1
In this article, we discuss user interface design fundamentals and how to create an interface that is both useful and visually attractive.
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20/08/2020 What Is A User Interface? – Analysis
Good communication between a user and a machine is crucial and this is where UI design comes in handy. What makes the best UI?
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05/05/2020 Why Low-Fidelity Prototype Matters?
Ergonomy in the decision-making process. Low-fidelity prototype as the best way to communicate with the client in Agile methodology.
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01/04/2020 How Understanding the User Affects Product Design Process?
What is User Centered Design? Why is it worth using this approach during the product development process?
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28/02/2020 10 European Product Design Events in 2020 You Can’t Miss
Check the list of 10 interesting European product design events for 2020 selected by CSHARK UX team.
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