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Mobile App Design Step By Step
Designing phase is one of the most important steps in SDLC because it affects all other phases of the development process. In this article, we will focus on mobile app design strategy from different points of view.
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13/01/2021 User Interface Design Fundamentals – Part 1
In this article, we discuss user interface design fundamentals and how to create an interface that is both useful and visually attractive.
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20/08/2020 What Is A User Interface? – Analysis
Good communication between a user and a machine is crucial and this is where UI design comes in handy. What makes the best UI?
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05/05/2020 Why Low-Fidelity Prototype Matters?
Ergonomy in the decision-making process. Low-fidelity prototype as the best way to communicate with the client in Agile methodology.
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01/04/2020 How Understanding the User Affects Product Design Process?
What is User Centered Design? Why is it worth using this approach during the product development process?
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