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.NET Core vs. .NET Framework – Which is a Better Choice for Your Next App?
What is the difference between the .NET Core and the .NET Framework? Read the article and make the right decision when picking between these two for your software development project.
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23/06/2021 When .NET Framework is the Best Choice for Application Development and Why?
Adam Maciejek talks about the .NET framework created by Microsoft, its advantages over other platforms, and why this technology is the best choice for app development.
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08/04/2021 Technical Debt in Software Development. How to Minimize It?
What is technical debt, how to deal with it, or how to minimize it? What causes tech debt, and what are the types of tech debt? Read the article and get all the answers!
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09/03/2021 Custom Software Development Company – 11 Tips on How to Choose the Right One
Outsourcing software development can bring your company significant business benefits. However, many companies are unaware of the impact this decision will have on their business. In this article, we explain why it's worth making an extra effort when it comes to selecting the right software development partner.
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03/02/2021 Intellectual Property Rights When Outsourcing Software Development
Companies in need of software development services concern about their intellectual property (IP) rights. Why shouldn't they worry and how to protect your product's intellectual property rights?
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