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Memory Management in .NET – Garbage Collector
How to efficiently manage the memory under .NET? Learn a few tricks and focus on business value instead of remembering about allocating or deallocating memory.
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06/11/2019 Quality Assurance in Agile software development
Quality testing in Agile should be based on automatic processes and be part of a long-term plan to elevate the quality of services in the company. At CSHARK we believe in service - testing is a very important part of our software product development process. How is it done exactly?
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10/10/2019 Why Do We Love .NET at CSHARK?
.NET is very capable, flexible and versatile, what is more, .NET software developers love it for wide arrange of options. Read how .NET helps create value for our clients.
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24/09/2019 Microservice Architecture
Microservice architecture is often viewed as a very useful tool but has limits. Before you can benefit from the advantages of microservices, think about testing, dependencies and logs, among other things.
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11/09/2019 Designing Software for a New Product – Specification by Example
Specification by example is a great method to produce quality software. It's all about collaboration over requirements, deriving the scope of the project from its objectives, automation of specifications.
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