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Custom Software Development

In today’s rapidly evolving world, your company needs the right digital tools to connect and service your customers. CSHARK delivers tailor-made software solutions that meet the specific needs of your business, no matter the industry or size. 

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Our custom software development services will take any idea that you have and turn it into a powerful application that will offer endless benefits for your business.


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Take your business to incredible new heights

From process automation to internal applications, customized software can have a dramatic impact on your business. Digitally transforming your business using high-quality software development allows you to use your time, money, and resources as efficiently as possible.

Our experienced, professional software development team works closely with you to understand your business, then creates the custom software to accelerate your business growth.


Disrupt your industry with bespoke software

Technology has the extraordinary power to transform the way that any business runs completely. At CSHARKwe have worked with companies ranging from banking to retail to communications, providing them with the custom software development solutions that offer a competitive advantage.

Whether you are reducing costs, optimizing internal applications, or better-service customers though our applications, everything we provide can help you rise above your competition.

Our custom software projects



DNA is a project for monitoring clients’ industrial assets. It can be an agricultural machine, a company car or employees and its relation to factory workplace, working time, etc.



Improving the quality of print outs from biotechnology 3D printers



Need for data migration and integration with an external FinTech platform

Quality software matters to us!

"The quality of the work is evidenced by the fact that we now continue working with them and scaling their efforts as needed."

David Doyon
CTO, Mindset Innovation, Inc. (Eno)

"The project was a great success. I’m delighted. (...) I’ve recommended some friends and fellow startups to CSHARK."

Darren Nicol,
Founder & CEO, Nudge

"CSHARK has been exceptionally helpful during the architecting phase and has provided great ideas."

Paul Ryan
CRO & Founder, Focis

It is time to take control of your business

We bring unmatched value to your business through our bespoke software and application development services, keeping you in control over all your process.


Maximum Efficiency

Optimize internal processes, employee efficiency, and customer service with the tools that are tailored for all your business operations.

Custom System Design

Our custom software development solutions are designed to address your immediate needs while also laying the foundation for long-term success.

Automation = Growth

The automation of monotonous manual processes lets your team focus their energy on the ideas that take your business to the next level.

Your Resources Go Farther

No matter the size of your business, custom software development allows your resources to go farther, every moment of every day.

More insights

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is all about recognizing areas in your business that can be optimized using technology, then making them happen. From automating shipping processes to creating customer communication tools, it eliminates the need for manual labor on repetitive processes, saving your business money and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. Custom software development extends into all areas of business. From automating your inventory processes to complex Artificial Intelligence solutions, our experienced development team can deliver on any task you give us.

Leverage the Hidden Value of Information

Big data has become a major focus on businesses because harnessing its power can provide unparalleled advantages for any company. Using custom software to gather, analyze and assess this data leads to intelligent decision making, which provides a competitive advantage for your business.

We are able to build custom web, mobile and desktop applications that integrate seamlessly within your existing processes to not only support your business but be the driving force that takes you to the top of your industry.

Your Business Needs Custom Software Today More Than Ever 

With custom software able to completely revolutionize the way companies across all industries do business, you simply cannot maximize efficiency in today’s world without custom software development. Each piece of bespoke software that we create directly addresses a need within your business. The result? The ability to let our software power your business from within while you focus on growth and expansion.

Your Business is Unique. Your Software Should Be, Too.

Many business owners turn to pre-made software that does, in fact, provide a wide range of benefits to their business. However, as well as this generic software may address some needs, it also produces a wide range of inefficiencies that can reduce profits and your ability to grow. Our custom software solutions will address every single need in your business, as our developers can tailor the functions to your exact requirements. Unique software for unique needs.

Is custom software development right for your business?

The answer to the question is ‘yes’. In today’s tech-driven world, it is virtually impossible to be a competitive force without investing in custom software development solutions. When you make the decision to invest in bespoke software, you are literally making choice to optimize the most vital functions of your business, while eliminating inefficiencies. While your competitors opt for off-the-shelf software that only addresses some aspects of their business, you are receiving the technology that is based on your distinct requirements.

Your distinct goals. Your distinct team. Your distinct processes.

Open Up a World of Innovation

We provide you with the technology that boosts creativity, innovation, and progression. Many businesses use employee energy on repetitive processes that do not make use of their full potential. From counting inventory to sending emails, these processes can be easily automated, allowing the people your business pays to do something special. Plus, no employees like doing the same work over-and-over again. By ridding your business from these overdone manual processes, you will develop a culture that is all about freedom, creativity, and collaboration.

Be the Pioneer of Change in Your Industry

Introduce real innovation in your industry before your competition does!

Custom software development genuinely opens up limitless possibilities for your company. Complex analytics, Big Data capturing and analysis, intelligent business planning, and other processes that can be achieved were never possible before. With CSHARK, you have a custom software development team that is ready to take any idea that you have to disrupt your industry. It means that you can be the one to transform an age-old market completely, being the cutting-edge leader while your competitors remain in the same method of thinking. If you can conceive it, we can build it!

Your Premier Source of Bespoke Software Development

From startups to corporations, companies around the world have trusted CSHARK with their custom software development needs for years. We have established a reputation for delivering the highest quality bespoke applications that rapidly accelerate business growth and breed innovation. We make it possible through our diverse team of software developers. What sets us apart from other software firms is that we have a true passion for seeing our partners succeed. That is why from the moment that you contact us until the tailored software solutions are transforming your business, we are committed to providing unmatched service and delivering world-class quality.

Getting Started with Customized Software Development

Business owners love working with us because we have made it easier and more affordable than they could imagine receiving premium custom software development services. Our professional yet comfortable approach to tailor-made software means that we communicate clearly with you to understand your goals as a business, then use our expertise to create the systems that make them a reality!

The CSHARK approach to custom software development

We use a six-step software development process that reduces costs and delivery time, ensuring you receive the quality software you need in a timely manner.

Understanding Your Needs 

Recognizing where you are and where you want to be as a business is crucial to developing the right software for your needs. That is why we begin every project with an initial consultation, allowing our project management team to work closely with you on all the requirements and specifications of the custom software. Here is a project that represents it very well. 

Assessment and Roadmapping

Once the CSHARK team has all the information needed about your business, we analyze the data and create a strategy on how we will build tailored software that’s right for your business. We build off your vision for growth and efficiency to roadmap the software development plan before providing you with a Software Requirement Specification document. Clear, effective communication ensures that you know exactly what we are doing for your business, and we wait for your approval before moving ahead with the project.

Technical Design

After the custom software development has been confirmed from your side, our development team gets to work! In order to reduce delivery time, ensure quality and lower costs, our team finds the most efficient method for each project. During the technical design process, we will provide you with mockups and examples of the user interfaces so that you can understand from an early stage the layout, style, and functionality of the application. We always welcome your feedback and can make adjustments based on any recommendations you provide.

Development and Implementation

This is the most important phase of the development cycle, as our diverse team of software specialists will build the applications. We work closely with you at this stage to ensure that what we create is in line with your business and technical needs.

Software Testing

Before we provide you with any software, we conduct thorough testing and Quality Assurance practices. These comprehensive tests are designed to find any possible weaknesses in the software, then correct them immediately. We take software testing seriously because we know that each test our software passes is another guarantee that you will have reliable bespoke software. 

Custom Software Deployment

Your tailor-made software is complete and ready to transform your business! However, we go above and beyond to ensure that your team understands the processes and how to use the software. Our development team provides training and in-depth explanations so that you can comfortably integrate your software into daily operations. We also provide maintenance and assistance on all of the custom software we create, giving you the peace of mind in knowing we are just a phone call or email away.

Turn Your Vision into a Reality with CSHARK 

If you are ready to become the business that completely disrupts your industry and grows to remarkable new heights, we are ready to assist you.

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