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No matter if your software product is for B2B or B2C market. No matter if you are supporting internal processes or build an application for the market sale, end-user has to be the first and last thing on your mind. At CSHARK we design software to support your business goals, looking at the product as a user. 


Why UX and UI product design are important? 

531 million applications are downloaded daily, globally. Making your application stand out is impossible without good UX/UI design. People will bounce when faced with unattractive design and half-baked functionalities. User experience fulfills user’s needs. It supports the work of software developers by providing them with a crown argument for their efforts – a seamless entertainment, productivity, or business experience. Interaction between humans and devices should disappear, making the process of using the application invisible to the eye.

A thought-out UX/UI design gives your application credibility in the eyes of your clients. It boosts efficiency by providing a powerful tool that your team doesn’t have to decode in order to use it. A good UX/UI design is about purposeful structure and content. CSHARK knows how to do them both, especially with in-house UX/UI specialists.

How UX/UI specialists at CHARK approach the problem?  

A good software product development company has the methodology to approach user experience. First is the problem – who has it exactly? How can we characterize this person? To what problem our application will be an answer? Next is the problem itself – how can we talk about it, what threat the problem poses to the user’s needs – mainly the business goals? How we will solve the problem? How the architecture of the application, and going hand in hand with product design help the user? By establishing this logical chain, we are able to design the solution. 

What methods do we use to design user experience? 

At the very beginning, we use personas for establishing user’s characteristics and needs. This allows us to associate past experiences, struggles, and emotions to this fictional, yet representative character. This exercise lets us know what kind of person will be using your product. 

Next, we create user stories. The simplest one looks like this: as a user I want the function to work like this because I want to achieve this concrete goal.  

The next step is about functionality maps. It’s a detailed description of the application, a hierarchy of all the pages and subpages of the final product. By creating a functionality map, the team is able to foresee how users will use the product and navigate from one page to another. 

The look and feel of the product is as important as its structure. By creating a wireframe, which is the next step, we are assuring the visual quality of the product. This helps us to spot usability problems before they are even implemented into the application.  

Next, we create a prototype. This version is used for testing, before entering the launch phase. In this phase, there is still time to make some, event major, adjustments, and changes to scale the application and make it more user-friendly. Prototyping is a major step towards the final version of the product – it builds confidence in the client and lets both parties come up with a solution in the last mile. 

The importance of User Interface Design 

One of the most important parts of the user experience is the design of the user interface (UI). It’s a user’s guideline throughout the application and should be as clear and practical in day-to-day use as possible.  

By removing non-essential elements we knowingly force ourselves to push for minimalism while delivering quality.  

By using well-known and common elements for most user interfaces, CSHARK gets people on board fast and lets them operate within a known environment.  This creates the comfort of use and lets us introduce new elements of UI. 

Both: the right placement of elements and their color schemes help the user with orientation. It draws his attention towards the most used functionalities and helps him complete tasks faster. 

The user-centered design (UCD)

This is what it’s all about. The UX/UI design should closely follow the user’s needs. The UX and UI are a tools for fulfilling business needs. Experiments are not welcomed, the base for all operations is familiarity and improvement.  

The user-centered design means, that CSHARK pays close attention to what you as our customer says. What is the most important goal of using the application? How good UX/UI can help you seamlessly navigate operations? What is the most important factor, when you launch the application in the morning? What could be the biggest obstacle when performing the most common and most important tasks? 

These are the questions we follow. We don’t assume anything when starting a new project. We ask, listen, observe. What comes next is a direct consequence of your business needs.  


We have in-house UX/UI specialists, therefore can run projects with quality in mind from the very beginning. CSHARK has over 300 seasoned developers on board. Combined with UX/UI expertise, we offer IT consulting services for our customers. We are focused on quality software product development and UX/UI product design services at its core.

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