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.NET has been with us for about 20 years. Why should you choose it for your app development?  

.NET is a mature framework created by Microsoft, which, contrary to smaller companies creating their own solutions, will not suddenly cease to exist. This provides us with regular support, updates, and development. Simply put, by choosing .NET, we can be sure that the app we create will last for many years.

.NET Framework advantages

.NET Framework is a pack of libraries made by Microsoft, dedicated to different programming languages such as C#, F#, C++, COBOL, Visual Basic, so developers can choose the one that best fits the project. What are the other benefits?



.NET is a comprehensive, open-source Framework with extensive libraries, so developers can work faster and use components instead of writing them from scratch, which affects the project's cost efficiency.


.NET Framework utilizes libraries known as Framework Class Library (FCL). Its versatility and flexibility make this technology one of the most relevant in recent software development.


.NET Framework has many security solutions for data protection, authorization, authentication, and attack prevention. One of the most popular are Windows Authentication, Azure Key Vault Provider, Secret Manager, DataProtection API.


.NET is one of the most popular technologies, which means that even if developers encounter a problem, they can ask about it or find a solution in the community, which streamlines their work.
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Wondering if .NET is a good fit for your project? We'll be happy to help you find the answer.

When .NET framework is the best choice for app development and why?

The difference between .NET technology and .NET Core Frameworks

.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform framework made by Microsoft and is a successor of the .NET Framework. However, .NET Core is made as a separate product and is developed independently from the .NET Framework. What are the differences and advantages of .NET Core? 


There was a growing need in the software development community for a cross-platform solution, so Microsoft rewrote the .NET Framework and added more features that eventually came out as .NET Core. With the .NET Framework, we were always limited to Windows, so the cost of maintaining applications on dedicated servers or licensing fees was high.  

For example, when we wanted to make an application available to users using Mac or Linux, we had to start working on the application from scratch, which increased the investment in the project. With the move to .NET Core, we got a cross-platform framework, so we have a solution for all platforms at the same time. 


With Visual Studio Code, a great and free IDE (Integrated Development Environment), there is no need to use paid tools and licenses per developer, significantly improving the project's cost efficiency. The same with databases and storage - you can use solutions free of charge. 

Importantly, .NET Core is a fully open-source solution with thousands of contributors who do not work directly for Microsoft to evolve. 


.NET Core has much better performance in tests with each update, thanks to semantic versioning bug fixes or security updates, and server utilization are more efficient. For example, in tests, .NET Core is 7x better than Node.js in number of queries per second or over 2x better than JavaServlet. 

FinTech support 

.NET Core includes solutions with FinTech in mind through Microsoft's partnership with security solutions financial leader SWIFT, making application development for banking solutions faster, more efficient, and more secure. 


.NET Core is compatible with various platforms. You don’t have to worry about remote access from a different platform, device, or programming environment. Compatibility also means access to open-source version control systems, such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

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.NET software development services

With .NET you can create different types of applications like a desktop, web, mobile, cloud, IoT, or AI, so it is very versatile.


Why CSHARK loves working with .NET?

Hire experienced .NET software developers to extend your team

Are you looking for .NET developers to develop a product or service? Do you have an urgent need for experienced professionals who will take a critical look at your project and work with as much dedication as if they were part of your internal team?

With over 300 mid and senior .NET programmers on board, we not only create products from scratch, but we are also able to complement your team with proven developers.

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.NET software development with CSHARK

We’re a software and product development company, helping enterprises with digital transformation and start-ups with translating ideas into products. With 8 years of experience and over 300 mid and senior developers onboard we not only create web and mobile apps from scratch (Nudge) but also consult companies from FinTech and RegTech sectors (Fenergo).

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We are currently working on .NET outsourcing services mostly in Canada, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Ireland. According to the Financial Times ranking, in 2019, 2020, and 2021 we were among the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

We’ll be happy to consult on your vision, analyze the current state of the project, and develop your next .NET app.

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