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Microsoft has been developing the .NET Framework for years, but the giant has decided to introduce to the market a new technology - .NET Core. How does it vary from .NET Framework, why and when should you move your solution to it?

What is .NET Core?

In 2016, Microsoft released the ASP.NET Core (also known as dotNET Core) - an open-source and cross-platform framework that enables C#, and F# programming languages to write applications and libraries.

.NET Core has a good performance, scalability and is compatible with the .NET Framework. Additionally, the platform is supported by the GitHub community. The Microsoft company makes sure .NET Core is secure and its code is updated regularly, several times a year.

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Where to use .NET Core?

.NET Core will work in software development projects, cloud-based, and IoT applications, back-ends of the mobile apps, cross-platform libraries, websites, and Web APIs, microservices, web/servers’ applications, new tools, platforms, and many more.

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What are the technical improvements in .NET Core?

Microsoft implemented the support for Windows desktop applications through the .NET Core 3.0 SDK Windows Desktop. Another improvement is support for C# 8.0 programming language. The new feature enables web application development using ASP.NET Blazor a free and open-source web framework.

Other improvements include SignalR, a software library for Microsoft ASP.NET Framework, and Azure SignalR Service, enabling you to build web apps and manage them in real-time.

What are the key advantages of .NET Core?

We have selected seven key .NET Core advantages that make this technology an excellent choice for grown enterprise projects and startups.

Works on different operating systems

You can run .NET Core on different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. For comparison, .NET Framework works only on Windows and Windows Server.

Has many tools to choose from

It has command-line tools, a cross-platform toolchain for developers for building and testing .NET Framework applications, IDEs, editors, and more. The code runs with the same behavior across multiple architectures.

Easy cross-platform development

.NET Core is compatible with two professional open-source platforms – Xamarin, a mobile app platform for .NET, and Mono, a .NET Framework.

Container images

You can use both .NET Core and Docker Hub when you are building .NET Core applications. The creation and package of Docker Hub container images are effortless.

Microservice architecture

.NET Core is excellent for microservice architecture because of its good performance and scalability. Developers like to use different technologies in every microservice.

Flawless runtime

Applications run flawlessly because the .NET Core runtime provides several helpful tools and possibilities, such as type system or Garbage Collector.

Trimming tool

.NET Core has the trimming tool that can reduce apps’ size and make them as small as possible throughout removing unused libraries.

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.NET Core business value

.NET Core speeds up processes – first, it can shorten the deployment application’s time; second, it can improve the performance of the apps. Both aspects have a positive impact on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of developed applications.

How to save on software development projects with the .NET Core technology?

The lower cost of software outsourcing

You can choose between building the team of .NET Core software developers in-house or you can focus on business development and outsource software projects to an IT software provider.

Outsourcing is a good option both when you are just starting to build a product in .NET Core and when you need to hire additional .NET developers quickly. You focus on the domain knowledge and delegate the work to us, where we have experienced .NET Framework professionals on multiple projects. Ultimately, it will also pay off for you financially.

The lower cost of cloud

Because .NET Core is cross-platform and scalable, it doesn’t matter how many microservices you will build. You will need fewer virtual machines and servers.

The lower risk of version collisions

.NET Core almost eliminates the risk of version collisions. You can safely install different versions of the platform on the same machine (using that side-by-side installation). Other benefits? Your Quality Assurance team will have less code to test, and the software development team will have fewer bugs to fix.

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