Mobile Technologies That We Use

If you are looking for a mobile app development company ready to support you in the development of your app from scratch – you are in the right place. Our talented team of mobile app developers, UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Project Managers will bring your idea to a well-designed custom mobile application. We specialize in the Android app development, iOS app development and cross-platform app development services.

Android app development services


An operating system dedicated to smartphones, tablets, and netbooks

The Android operating system is one of the most popular OS in the world. Discover Android app development services provided by CSHARK. Our experienced Android developers and UX designers will create an innovative mobile application according to your vision and with the best programming practices in mind. Our mobile team can build an app from scratch, or they can make a technology audit of the existing one, test it, and improve it – all depends on your needs. We support startups, small and medium companies and corporations.

Android technology stack

We offer services of dedicated Java and Kotlin mobile developers for the development of Android apps. To help you decide which technology will suit best for your project, we have summarized both.

Java mobile development Kotlin mobile development
Java software developers recommend this technology for mobile apps because it is a secure, safe, and flexible object-oriented language. Java has many great tools for developers; what’s more, Java community is very supportive, and programmers can use open source libraries. Kotlin software developers recommend this technology for mobile apps because it is an official Android coding language - it is safe, simple, and powerful. Plus, Kotlin is open source and has fewer bugs in the code, Kotlin community is very active, and Kotlin is compatible with Java; all the Java frameworks and libraries are available to use by Kotlin programmers.

iOS app development services


An operating system dedicated to iPhones and iPads

With an expressive look, great user experience, and privacy solutions, iOS is an advanced mobile operating system appreciated by many users around the world. Check our iOS app development services. CSHARK’s iOS mobile developers will create an application that meets expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our specialists can develop, test, and maintain your app for the latest iOS version of the system, and build solutions that your clients will love.

iOS technology stack

We offer services of experienced Objective-C and Swift mobile developers for the development of iOS apps. Read the benefits of both technologies and decide which one will be a perfect choice for your project.

Objective-C mobile development  Swift mobile development
Objective-C is based on C language, and it’s dedicated to writing apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac devices. This technology is supported by the software development community, which means it is a very reliable and well-tested solution. Swift is an open-source language, commonly used for building iOS apps. It is a fast, and modern programming language with a wide range of programming features for developers. Swift has a high performance, fewer bugs, and is easy to code.

Cross-platform app development services


Applications that are suitable for different operating systems

Cross-platform app development is quicker than native mobile app development, less time consuming, and it is a cheaper solution. Android and iOS mobile development have many pros; however, there are more app development solutions. Many business owners are deciding on cross-platform app development services because of the possibility to build a mobile application that works on multiple devices.

Cross-platform technology stack

We offer services of dedicated React Native and Xamarin mobile developers for the development of cross-platform apps. Read our summary of both technologies, and decide which one will suit best for your project.

React Native mobile development Xamarin mobile development
React Native is an open-source Facebook framework, compatible with JavaScript. It enables us to develop Android and iOS native apps in a faster way thanks to the access to the JS libraries and ready solutions. Xamarin is based on C# and lets to write the code with the use of .NET platform – it extends .NET with specially designed tools and libraries for building native apps. Flexible and easy to learn.

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