Java Software Development Services

Java is a very flexible technology that is used as a programming language for multiple applications on varied systems. Java’s object-oriented paradigms and support from big corporations that further develop the technology and strengthen the position of the language. Java software development is also popular with cloud enthusiasts, Android developers and edge devices programmers. Java is also used for financial applications (FinTech, RegTech or InsurTech robust platforms), electronic trading systems or desktop applications

Java software development services

  • for cloud

Cloud computing is changing the image and nature of application development. Thanks to decreased costs and increased scalability of cloud services, Java software development brings more business value to very demanding customers. Java software development services for the cloud involve web users and web-connected applications, as well as storage and data management. Applications created in Java offer optimized code that can run anywhere in a network. From a server to a client with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java, together with Docker containers, can be used to deploy the highly scalable application on pretty much every cloud environment.

Java microservices are a good target for Docker. Running a service in a container augments development with a common target platform for development, testing, and deployment. Containers are also an excellent first step toward a flexible and cost-effective cloud architecture.

  • for Android

Java is the most popular language for Android smartphone applications. It’s also highly valued by Java software developers working on edge devices and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. Java is simple and robust. It offers effective prototyping and development. One of the biggest pluses is also platform independence – if a computer has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, any Java program can run on it.

This is because Java offers portability in a network. The source code written in Java is compiled into bytecode. This can be run anywhere in a network – either it’s a server or a JVM. The code compilation is faster than the interpretation done by a virtual machine.

Java’s code is robust. Since Java’s objects don’t have references to no external data or any other objects, the instruction can’t include the data’s address stored in another application or in the operating system. That means higher stability of the system and integration of data.

Java is object-oriented. Since Java’s design was inspired by C++’s design, the technologies easily deal with managing object lifecycles. There is a high number of improvements – not only in the garbage collector module but also involving such issues as potential memory leaks.

Java also has a rich set of core features that are regularly updated and maintained by Oracle.

  • for Big Data

Java is the natural fit for Big Data as some of the core modules of Big Data tools are written in Java. Most of these Big Data tools are open-source, hence they are easy to access. With tools like Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark, petabytes of data can be turned into meaningful information quite easily.

Java means productivity and effectiveness. When working with Big Data pools, you need to optimize the clarity and productivity of your code. Since Java is a compiled technology, it’s quicker than other, interpreted languages. Another strong argument is typing – Java cares about safety; hence Big Data applications are more secure, as they should be.

There is a large number of useful applications written in Java, helpful in Big Data analytics. They are either developed in Java or created to run on JVM. Applications like Spark (used to stream data and distribute batches), Cassandra (for query and storing Big Data), or Spring Boot (for providing the system’s options to the clients with REST API) is often what makes or breaks the project.

  • for edge devices and the Internet of Things

An edge device is a machine that acts as an entry point into a given enterprise or core network of the service provider. It can be a router, switch, multiplexer, and many other types of devices that companies and municipal services use to provide quality business operations or care.

These devices are often exposed to attacks and failures that threaten the stability of business operations. That’s why it’s important to have a language that is simple, scalable, and efficient. Java software development services must rely on technology to assure quality. It’s especially important when it comes to the Internet of Things since business relies on it more and more every year.

A software product development company uses Java because it’s less maintainable and almost error-free.


Software plays a key role in the Internet of Things development, implementation and advancement. IoT is not only a key element for digital transformation but also a key ingredient of the future. Soon a lot of people will have multiple devices that can speak to each other and exchange data. You need a reliable software partner for that. Issues like mass data fragmentation, scalability, easy integration, end-user, and machine-to-machine authentication, need proper software product development services. Contact us if you are interested in hiring an outsourced team of Java software developers as support for your project.

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