Front-end software development services

Front-end is a test for every company and every product. The very first thing a user sees when he or she launches an application. If the UX/UI is messy and counterintuitive, the user won’t utilize the product no matter the value. Front-end software development is not about selling the company or its product, but to help navigate through options.

What makes a good front-end shine

Sales come second. The biggest obstacle between a purchase and your client is a faulty front-end. If the client can’t see a clear business or consumer value, if he can’t differentiate your offer from thousands more, there is a slim chance for him to trust you. Front-end development requires intimate knowledge of design, semantic HTML, understanding scope prototyping, event bubbling, hosting, etc. The front-end is driven by powerful programming technologies but is all about humans.

A quality Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Optimizes navigation

A UX/UI ensures that your visitors will find what they are looking for. This is the first ‘line of defense against the user’s skepticism. The web or mobile application has to convince the potential customer that he’s in for a treat. Designers have a few seconds to attract user before he leaves the website. Front-end development is crucial for capturing attention. It’s not the product, it’s not the price, it’s not even the message – the first few seconds are all about front-end development. Putting people first is not wishful thinking; it’s a business imperative aimed to serve business needs.

  • Converse visitors into paying customers

Well-designed front-end creates trust in your brand and provides reasons for coming back. The message is not everything; people need a reason for getting it in your application. A quality software product development company understands the role of front-end development and promotes the message with a clean design. A front-end is a tool for delivering a message to the client, a way to strengthen the business and marketing value.

  • Maintains performance

Clean navigation and a powerful message do not converse visitors. The last key ingredient is the quality of the background. A Full-stack Developer is needed for performance. The code architecture, speed of application, and working links are crucial. The application should run smoothly – not to slow and not too fast. You need a sweet spot to please the user. Communication between an architect, back-end developers, front-end developers, and designers is a must.

Front-end software development services

Everything begins with a customer, and an approach to serving his needs through code development. A good software product development company always maintains principles of front-end development.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

This rule lets us create code that is high-quality from the get-go. By not repeating any logic while writing code, we know that it will behave the same every time we use it. Plus, if a bug does happen, it will easy to fix it across different functionalities of the same application.

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Breaking down complex issues into smaller and manageable pieces lets front-end specialists reduce the number of variables. That lets them create and maintain the quality of the product. With SRP, front-end developers can easily imagine and write software modules. At the same time, it’s easy to understand and expand by co-developers. This approach is also great for unit testing. It also allows for easy modification of behavior with quality unit test coverage.

Branding and responsive design

Your product will not stand out if it won’t be properly taken care of. Branding elevates front-end development and lets the client immediately recognize the brand and values that stand behind it. Branding can be effective only when the customer is sure of what he sees. Responsive design is the way to display the content on desktop and mobile devices, but branding is what makes people instantly recognize your company. You have to differentiate. You have to stand out. You have to make the message your own. In order to do that, you have to ensure that content looks great on every single screen, not only on desktop and mobile devices.

Front-end development is also about colors. The visual identity has to speak for the brand, be the vehicle for the message. Front-en software development services companies should not only write code but also help build a user’s experience. That’s where the Color System for the UI, based on the client’s brand book, comes in. Branding is your foot in the door, the way to enter the mind of the customer. An important part of staying in for longer is branding.

CSHARK specialists are committed to creating the best products for your brand.

Front-end technologies

CSHARK specializes not only in .NET, Java, or Golang. We use a wide range of modern technologies. JavaScript, React and Angular significantly boosts software product development services. These are the top front-end frameworks.

What are the advantages?

JavaScript brings speed, flexibility, and performance, as well as the means to build rich user interfaces. It’s a compiled programming language with first-class functions. React provides high stability of code and open-source library with a high number of tools for a steady release schedule. React can be rendered on the server. Angular is a framework that provides high performance and can be rendered of the server as well. It’s a perfect technology, providing delivery and scalable infrastructure. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP by enabling developers to use React along with native platform capabilities.


CSHARK has over 300 experienced software developers ready to create your product or work the legacy code the turn it around. We hire not only professional front-end software developers but also UX/UI consultants. Our in-house team of specialists will create your product by understanding the business goals and reasons behind entering a market. Front-end development is just another step towards the complete and satisfying experience of your customer. An important step – without it, the experience will not be as pleasant.

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