C# software developers

CSHARK has over 300 regular and senior C# software developers on board which makes our company a reliable and trustworthy provider IT outsourcing provider. We can support your mobile app, cross-platform, or any other project by offering quality development outsourcing. Our development process is focused on a client and his needs, therefore our project management is driven by realistic goals.

C# software development

C# is a very popular, multi-paradigm programming language created by Microsoft. By being component-oriented, object-oriented, characterized by strong typing, promotes a disciplined development process and project management. C# is designed for use in developing software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments.

C# programming language is a fantastic tool for software product development. Thanks to its versatility, CSHARK can offer you C# software development services in the following areas:

  • Native-looking desktop application development combined with either Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Client-server application development
  • Web services Distributed applications development
  • Cloud solutions development
  • Microservices architecture implementation and development
  • Integration of software programs
  • Customized software solutions for FinTech and RegTech


Why would you choose the C# programming language?

  • Versatility

C# is one of the most productive languages in the world. Combined with either Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation, C# has the ability to unlock the full potential of any graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit for Windows. It’s very important in the world where user experience is defined through a user interface (UI).

  • Desktop software development

Desktop software development is easy. There is a reason why WinForms and WPF dominate the market. They have a steep learning curve but are very rewarding. They are perfect for large-scale applications.

Microsoft not only gives way to create desktop UI but also recommends patterns and support of that patterns with additional libraries and tools. And continuous support for years is almost guaranteed.

Older but very likable WinForms has still plenty of usage through legacy projects. It is still a viable technology on modern computers. So it does not make sense to switch technology to newer immediately and companies keep it. Model view presenter is still recommended for that UI approach. For the only drawback, you might consider too simple controls, but there are 3rd parties controls with a modern look and functionalities. This field the gap between huge possibilities of WPF and simplicity of WinForms.

If you want to start something completely new you should think about WPF. This native and scalable application has years on the market. It is more developer-friendly in terms of cooperative work. Not only with other developers but also UX/UI designers, Professional UI can be achieved in a separate tool with animation much superior to WinForms. XML-looking code called XAML of page support having a multi-resolution screen with support of graphic card capabilities out of the box. Skills gathered in the XAML approach by a developer can be used in other Microsoft areas: Windows store apps, Xamarin, and no longer developed Silverlight but still found in legacy projects.

Our software developers are fluent in C#, making your C# software development outsourcing easy and competent.


C# web development

Web software development is the backbone of modern business. Whether it’s a SaaS platform or a web application, companies are destined to use the Internet as the tube for their products and services. We have both front-end and back-end software developers, granting you the best development outsourcing. We also have in-house UX and UI specialists; no development process is happening without them.


C# mobile application development

We consume the Internet via mobile apps as well as on desktop devices; therefore cross-platform solutions are a must. Don’t limit yourself to desktop software development; choose a development team that has experience.


Looking for an experienced C# development team? CSHARK got you covered!

We will be happy to listen about your software challenges. Our project management team will analyze your needs, and legacy code (if applicable). We will point you towards the optimal solution and through a conscious and advanced development process prepare your product for a demanding market.

Our approach is based on customer-centricity – we design software products with your needs in the first place and make sure it’s aligned with your business goals. Our C# developers are cross-functional – they not only develop the product but also help you as IT consultants.

CSHARK provides a complete client experience, no matter what project you run. Our approach is also based on the Design Thinking methodology, meaning that the development process is always built around a single user and scaled up. That way we don’t ever lose end-user’s perspective.


CSHARK is a company established and run in Poland, a country known for high-quality, Polish programmers. We are very flexible, have many regular and senior C# software developers. Our approach to outsourcing puts you, our client, in the centre. We always ask about your business needs to make sure that the product development will run smoothly.

CSHARK offers C# software developers for hire in nearshore and offshore model. We can support your project with an individual engineer, or you can hire the C# team. We offer C# IT outsourcing services in Europe: in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, etc., and in Canada and the USA.

We are very conveniently placed. Poland has a 6-hour time zone difference between Toronto, Canada, where our visiting office is. In Europe, in most of the countries is the same time zone. You can easily talk to us during business hours. Although we work from 7 AM to 5 PM CET, we are flexible and can adjust to the client's working hours. Our HQ is located in Wrocław. Other Polish offices are located in Katowice and Bielsko-Biała.

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