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    Changing the Paradigm of Software Development Outsourcing  

    Partnering with CSHARK means having access to a talented team of developers who will seamlessly integrate with your in-house team. You retain full control over the development process, while we provide skills and expertise to bring your project to life.
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    01 Team Augmentation vs. Outsourcing  

    If you're looking to develop high-quality software solutions without the cost and hassle of hiring and training an in-house team, then you're in the right place.

    At CSHARK, we believe that building an extension of your in-house team is a step beyond regular software development outsourcing and a way to achieve better results.

    Professional development of software specialists who will work for your company is our priority. The team is supported by specialized guilds within our CSHARK structure, ensuring that you receive top-notch talent dedicated to your project's success.

    If you…

    look for the necessary technical expertise to develop the software you need,

    search for a more cost-effective solution than hiring and training a team of developers in-house,

    or struggle to find talented mid/senior software experts in your region,

    our wide range of specialized skills will allow you to reduce development costs and let you focus more on core business to ensure maximum efficiency.

    At CSHARK, we foster continuous development by providing capable practice leaders who serve as backseat drivers, guiding our developers toward new heights. In addition to Stack Overflow, our devs can seek support and solve challenges at our regular practice meetings for the back-end, front-end, and other domains.

    01 Software Development Outsourcing – Our Expertise 

    CSHARK’s seasoned team possesses the right skills and expertise to meet your requirements for your current or upcoming venture.

    We offer expertise in: 
    You can also hire complete teams (for example, Back-end + Front-end + QA).

    Main tech stack:

    01 Get Right Candidates Within 2 Business Days 

    Fill in the form with your project’s needs – detailed project description, expected rate range, start date, your time zone, and roles’ description (requirements for technical and soft skills, seniority, team size, language skills). Our representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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      From our perspective, it’s crucial to match your requirements based on the description to the current capabilities and send you the most suitable profiles.

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      01 Key Benefits of Outsourcing at CSHARK 

      Senior Staff for Your Mature Organization 

      Only proactive, experienced mid/senior developers, tech leads, and architects will work on your software, ensuring the code’s quality. 

      Professional Skills Development

      Our goal is to develop the hard and soft skills of the developers. We provide internal knowledge-sharing initiatives, competence guilds, as well as external training and conferences. We also plan career paths and organize regular performance reviews. 

      Architectural Consistency Across Programmes

      Having access to a vast project portfolio, our teams can utilize best practices and improve industry standards.

      Remote and Asynchronous Pros

      We’ve been remote-first since 2014. You’ll gain from what we’ve learned about transparent communication using tools and frameworks adjusted to asynchronous work. We can support your organization so that seamless remote work with us is possible and efficient.

      Poland – a Global Tech Hub 

      Nearshoring and offshoring the development process in Poland has several advantages; here are the examples:

      • highly qualified experts – Poland boasts numerous highly qualified programmers that consistently make it to the top 3 of various global software developers rankings,
      • high levels of English proficiency – English language proficiency is a standard among Polish developers which ensures smooth communication,
      • stable growth of the Polish IT market – in the past few years, more and more Polish IT companies have expanded internationally and the IT industry is well-established here.

      01 Recommended by the Innovators Themselves 

      Since 2014, we’ve been helping high-tech companies grow.

      Understanding current software challenges led us to partner with over 45 clients at different stages of their business development. We have experience working with established enterprises, dynamic scale-ups & unicorns, and start-ups & founders.






      Cross-industry experts

      Our portfolio includes clients from FinTech, AI/Data, BioTech, DeFi/web3 as well as from the industrial world in banking, materials, construction, energy, logistics, and industrial automation.

      Quality is what we excel at:
      Financial Times 1000
      Proud Top B2B Companies
      Forbes Diamonds
      The ability to adapt and run multiple projects with growing scope of complexity and market demand. FinTech and RegTech industry is very demanding and the pressure to deliver quality software for Tier 1 and Tier 2 global banks and financial institutions is constant. CSHARK understands our challenges and the industry, therefore can provide reliable software solutions in a highly competitive timeframe.
      Niall Twomey
      CTO, Fenergo
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