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Product design is not just making a product look good. It is a process based on understanding the person for whom the product is being created.

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UX/UI design
from scratch

We start from gathering
system requirements,
through every step
of the design process
(like prototyping and
pixel perfect UI Design)
ending with usability tests.

User-centered design

During the design process, we focus
on users needs, their abilities and
limitations. That’s how we create useful and
intuitive digital solutions.

Communicative product
design team

In the design process
communication is a key
to success. To design
a product that meets
your requirements,
we communicate on
daily basis with you,
with each other and
with programmers.

Our Iterative Product Design Process

CSHARK Product Design page - icon
product discovery workshops

design sprints

business and product innovation - workshop

review of design consistency - expert audit
(in case you already have a product)


CSHARK Product Design page - icon
gathering customer research insights

user research

business discovery and market research

value proposition discovery

user journey map
CSHARK Product Design page - icon
concepting and prototyping

information architecture


user flow
low fidelity wireframes & prototyping

user scenarios

interactions design

usability testing
design system: visual language

UI design based on branding

front-end design specification

MVP Development

We have the know-how to define the business and system requirements for the proper MVP development. We will help you to set the project scope.

By the Design Sprints & Innovation workshops, you will be able to see the value of your product. We will lead you throughout the entire MVP process step by step, and we will support you in the sustainable development of the project. During the product development process, we will constantly be evaluating the direction of the project goals.

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Design Strategy

By providing broad research and analysis of your product, we come to a deep understanding of users' needs and expectations. During discovery workshops with a client, we are defining core concepts that help us to deliver the highest value. We adjust research methods to the needs of the specific industry and to the product – we build fully customized content.

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Iterative Prototyping

Thanks to the different types of prototypes, with varying complexity adapted to the specific product, we can adjust and create the information architecture for the necessary functionalities.

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Pixel Perfect UI Design

We pay attention to visual details. Our designs are characterized by mathematical proportions, wisely chosen typography, smart iconography, and colors that perform more functions than just esthetic ones.

We can support you with mobile, web, and desktop product design. Our projects are based on PWA and RWD technologies and on product branding. We cooperate with a front-end team, which maintains the high quality of the product.

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Usability Engineering

We develop a usability test strategy of the digital products, conduct tests, and analyze results.

We run the design process based on Agile methodology, closely correlating it with the software development process. The product development process is divided into iterations, followed by regular tests with product users. This allows us to improve the quality of the product and its intuitiveness constantly. We use several tracking technologies for product improvement.

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We share our knowledge

  • Cooperation with the SWPS University
    We share our knowledge with younger, less experienced colleagues and offer internships for UX / UI designers.
  • Meetups, workshops, coferences
    You can meet us on many events, meetups, conferences where we talk about UX/UI design. We also run design topics at our Mint Slash Meetup.

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