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    MVP Development – Think Big But Start Small

    Let us guide you through the whole MVP development process, starting from your concept.

    Just an idea isn't enough... But don't worry – we know how to translate it into a digital product that works for the user and fits into the market!


    01 What is MVP Development?

    Creating an MVP is a journey you take to create a successful digital product. We can guide you through the MVP development process. We start with verifying the idea with users, then design, and finally build a web or mobile app.

    Easy as pie? That's the way we work.

    01 Consult Your MVP Idea

    Adam Maciejek our Digital Solutions Consultant
    Adam Maciejek
    Digital Solutions Consultant

    Would you like to consult your idea, ask questions and get to know the MVP development process?

    You won’t meet a typical sales rep, but someone who takes part in the design sprint workshops and can translate technical stuff easily like IKEA assembly instruction.

    Our MVP consultation lasts approx. 30 minutes (or a little more if we use flowery language). Not a big commitment to get our insights, right? Fill in the form with your MVP idea description and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


    01 MVP Development in Practice

    Interested in how we work in practice? Check out our MVP development case study for Nudge.

    Wanna try to kickoff the MVP on your own?

    That's OK! We've prepared an MVP development checklist that might be helpful.


      MVP development checklist cover

      Download The MVP Checklist in PDF file


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      01 Why Create an MVP with CSHARK?

      • We didn't come out of nowhere - icon

        We didn't come out of nowhere.
        CSHARK was founded by 4 software developers in 2014. Now there are more than 350 of us. In the years 2019-2021, we were among the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe!

      • We don't put AI where it's not needed - icon

        We don't put AI where it's not needed.
        Instead, we like to simplify processes and work on the 20% that deliver 80% of the results. We believe in minimum effort and maximum value.

      • We are flesh and blood and a bit of humor - icon

        We are flesh and blood and a bit of humor.
        What we love the most is working with passionate people who like to get things done, as we do.

      What I liked in the first place about working with CSHARK was complete honesty and transparency. The team was fully committed to the project's success and took the time to understand the industry and what we want to achieve. CSHARK also consistently explained the technical approach. This helped us to understand the reasons behind decisions which kept us on the same page. Finally, CSHARK was the only company that responded to all of our needs and recommended what worked well for us and not their technical preference. Thanks to all the team, you delivered above and beyond!

      Darren Nicol, the Nudge company CEO
      Darren Nicol
      CEO and Founder of Nudge
      Read more reviews on CLUTCH

      01 Our Product and Technical Workshops

      At CSHARK, after the MVP consultation, the real magic happens. We conduct product discovery workshops tailored to your needs. Our best minds will work with you on:

      • Research icon
      • Branding icon
      • Product–market fit icon
        Product–market fit
      • UX & UI design with usability testing icon
        UX & UI design with usability testing
      • Business analysis and modeling icon
        Business analysis and modeling
      • Prototype icon (2)
      • Product strategy icon
        Product strategy

      To the product discovery workshops, we invite decision-makers and industry experts from your side and the CSHARK team: product designers, analysts, software developers, architects, and branding specialists.

      You leave the workshop with a prototype, roadmap, and backlog. From now on, we only code what we came up with earlier.

      Want to learn more about the product discovery workshop?

      Read about the concept of a product discovery workshop. Why shouldn't you skip it? What are its benefits? When should you hold a discovery workshop, and when it won’t be necessary?

      01 How Much Does it Cost to Create an MVP?

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      Predicting every step and feature is hard, so giving an upfront price is impossible. We'll know it precisely after the workshops, creating a roadmap and backlog. However, we don't want to leave you without any information.

      At CSHARK an MVP typically costs between $40,000-$120,000.

      How much might MVP development cost in your case?

      Fill in the form and find out in what price range we'll be able to create an MVP with you, no strings attached.

      MVP Price Explained

      Want to find out what makes a difference in the cost of an MVP?

      01 Read More about MVP Development

      01 FAQ

      What does MVP mean?

      MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a working, customer-facing version of a product at its earliest stages. It contains only the core features of the product and fulfills its primary purpose. Building an MVP helps to reduce the costs and development time and allows to gather priceless customer feedback about the solution in question.

      What is the MVP approach in technology?

      In software development, building an MVP is a way of testing the waters, validating your vision, and gathering feedback. Here, you’re focusing on the minimum amount of features instead of developing a fully-fledged product.

      How to build a Minimum Viable Product?

      MVP development can be narrowed down to a few core stages:

      • Research - a successful product solves real user problems, so you should always validate your concept before you provide a solution. Check out your competition and find what their offers are missing.

      • Definition of the problem - you should be able to define the problem you’re solving. Try answering questions like: Why am I solving this problem, Who will benefit from my solution, How will my product benefit my customers.

      • User journey mapping - it’s crucial to know the primary goals of your new product. Try to come up with the steps users have to take to reach their goal, but remember, it should be as simple as possible.

      • Features prioritization - did you know that almost 50% of features in software products are rarely or never used? Focus only on the crucial must-have features and plan to scale up the product down the line.

      • MVP building and testing - MVP is what you’ll give to your users so make sure it’s usable and fully functional. Remember to test the solution for bugs and potential performance issues.

      • Release - come up with a plan of action, pick a partner that will help you release the solution, and gather customer feedback.

      • Further development - once you get more ideas about the future of your product, you can think about scaling it up, changing its direction, or even dropping it altogether.

      How much does it cost to develop an MVP?

      There’s no universal answer for how much your MVP will cost as it all depends on the product itself. At CSHARK, the very first step of MVP development is a workshop, which costs a set amount between $10000-$12000. But, to build a successful MVP you’ll need a skilled team of developers, a UX/UI designer, and a Project Manager. Depending on the expertise, the number of people engaged, and time spent on creating the app, we can say that a good MVP can vary from $40000-$120k.

      How long does it take to build an MVP?

      The time dedicated to MVP development depends on the scope of the solution. It should be enough to create a working, functional product and test it - all while maintaining the highest quality. To make it a bit easier, let’s assume that each stage of MVP building takes:

      • Research and planning (1-2 weeks)

      • MVP development project planning (1 week)

      • MVP building (2-6 months)

      • Launch (1 week)

      I already have MVP, but I need help to scale it up.

      Creating an MVP doesn’t mean simply building a product that solves current needs. It’s all about looking in the future, leaving room for growth.

      With an experienced project team, you can further expand your product, adding new functionalities. Here you can choose from a monolith architecture or a microservice architecture approach. The former makes use of components that are brought together to create a single program or platform, while the latter is built as a collection of modular services. In a microservice architecture, each module serves a specific business goal and is connected to other modules.

      How do we ensure confidentiality?

      Confidentiality and security are crucial parts of any collaboration. At CSHARK, we ensure not only the highest quality of software solutions but also data security. By signing an NDA, you can be sure your information is safe with us.

      I have an idea, but no technical knowledge - what should I do?

      We can guide you through the software development processes from start to finish and provide you with specialists that can handle all the technical aspects. However, before we start the development, you will take part in a consultation where you’ll be able to discuss your idea and ask any burning questions about the MVP development process. During the meeting, you’ll talk to a digital solutions consultant who participates in sprint workshops and will be able to translate the technical jargon.

      Later on, you’ll be working with a team with a product design consultant, product designers, Business Analysts, Project Manager, and, of course, software developers, but the final composition always depends on the individual business needs.

      Which infrastructure is right for me?

      When translating your idea into a digital product, you will have to decide on many things:

      • Which programming language to use? There are many options of languages and frameworks for both front-end and back-end development. Each has unique capabilities and approaches to software creation.

      • Web or mobile app? This will depend on the type of the product and your customers’ habits and expectations. Here you can also decide to go with a native app or a Progressive Web App (PWA).

      • What is the best architecture? A monolith app is a single, indivisible unit and is easier to develop, debug and test. On the other hand, in a microservice architecture, your app is split up into independent modules allowing better scalability.

      • Traditional Infrastructure vs. Cloud Computing? Do you want your product to be accessed via physical hardware, or should it be hosted in the cloud?

      Your final choice will ultimately depend on the product requirements, your preference as well as the target audience. By hiring an experienced development team, you can be sure the right choices are going to be made. Thanks to their expert knowledge, developers are able to decide on the best option for your case to deliver a powerful solution.

      Who participates in the application building process and how many specialists do I need?

      The team is always tailored to the specific needs of the business and client, but to give a more straightforward answer it’s usually a product designer, analysts, software developers, software architects, branding specialists, and Project Manager.

      We always work with our clients, not only for them. A great example of such collaboration is our electrifying project called Nudge.

      How can we help your MVP launch?

      If you'd like us to clear up your doubts about creating an MVP, let us know.