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Mobile Application Development

Your company needs functional, modern, and intuitive mobile application for business management, eCommerce, and to service your customers. No matter how complex application you need, CSHARK delivers custom mobile applications that meet specific business needs.

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We offer


Mobile application

for iOS,
and Android

Mobile applications

from scratch

Cross-platform app

in a short amount
of time


of an existing app
to a mobile platform

Custom enterprise

of scalable apps

Intuitive and easy
to use apps

for small, medium
and corporate clients

End-to-end mobile app development

We build not only beautiful apps. We build apps that are useful and robust, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We take care of user engagement and usability. Even if you have design for the app and know exactly what the business goals are to meet, we will take a look and give you second thought on it. We will support you with a team of mobile app developers to choose the right technology. We will also manage the project, so the app is ready on time and in the budget.

Experienced mobile app company

Our experienced, professional software development team works closely with you to create mobile, desktop, or web applications for your business.  We’ve realized numerous software development projects and have delivered software teams internationally. No matter the business size or application complexity, our team of 300+ specialists can support you.

Our application development process


Idea consultation

discovery call and project analysis, selection of technologies and tools

Application design

UX/UI designers create a product that meets your requirements


Front-End and Back-End development

Application testing

product tests to ensure quality and flawless operation

Our mobile application development projects

Internet of Things

Mobile application development for wearable data reading

Development and design of an Android mobile application related to a smart IoT solution.



Need of optimizing scanning process of client’s products.



UX heuristic evaluation

Quality software matters to us!

"The team at CSHARK is very competent and typically do not require much input from our side to complete their project."

David Doyon
CTO, Mindset Innovation, Inc. (Eno)

"The knowledge brought by CSHARK boosted the development rate and quality to an extremely high-level. "

Samuel Gilliéron
Software Architect, regenHU Ltd.

"Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, transparent, and responsive. They communicate well."

Paul Ryan
CRO & Founder, Focis

Still not sure if your product needs a mobile app? Read why you should not wait any longer.

Why mobile app development is important?

Having a well-designed product app lets you not only collect data about users and improving the customer experience, but you can also build a strong bond with them, create more sales opportunities and increase your brand popularity. 

Customers loyalty

Through the app, users will communicate and interact with your brand thanks to the push notifications, offers available only in the app, and special promotions. They have quick access to your brand any time during the day or night. All you have to do is to entertain them by the creative content. And they will come back to your app.

In-app sales

As we mentioned, you can sell the services throughout the application. How? Prepare the customer journey – start with a free trial week/month, and then offer a subscription model. Or sell the products according to the current seasons and holidays. Don’t forget to plan a discount code and sales campaign with influencers. Those are the simple examples, but remember that these days people are spending a lot more time being online. Having a mobile application for your product will give a lot more occasion to promote your goods.


There are some options that you can offer to the users – if you want to provide the application in an open model, you can earn money on the ads and promotions created by your partners. Before the user uses one of the app options, he or she will have to watch a 30-second advertisement. On the other side, you can promote your brand in the same way as various mobile applications like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.


Users can choose what kind of notifications they want to receive and when i.e. information about a special sales campaigns or discount coupons so they could make a favorable purchase.

Customer service

If the user is not satisfied with the purchased item, has a problem with the subscription, or the application does not work as it should, they should be able to contact customer service to solve the issues. This way, users feel more taken care of and understood.

What are the benefits of mobile applications?

The main benefit is speed. You can have a website and non-responsive mobile web design; you can have the website and responsive mobile web design, which is much better than the first option, but the best way to achieve your KPI’s is to have a mobile application. Applications store data about user preferences, their biometric data, and more on the device. Without data from the device, the website must connect with the server, which takes time, and sometimes this solution does not work. What are the other benefits of mobile applications?

Content according to the preferences

Thanks to the collected data about engagement, behavior, interests, location, push-notifications preferences, or latest purchases, you can suggest the user-customized content that will be the most interesting for them. It is called user-centric personalization, and it influences great user experience.

Online and offline access

You can decide which options should work with or without an Internet connection. Spotify is a great example – where the user can play music offline after downloading the library from the playlist. Of course, some applications require an Internet connection for most of the services, like FinTech applications. The user needs to be connected to the Internet to make a payment or to check live exchange rates. However, if there are features that don’t require an Internet connection, it is nice to have it, no matter if you have an e-commerce, FinTech, or internal application that allows you to manage your company's system.

Interesting features

The best part of mobile applications is technologically advanced device features that make the user's life simpler. Change the device camera to the documents or QR codes scanner or the device’s GPS to track your location to find the best train connection. Or connect devices – the sports watch with the mobile application to track the training progress. The possibilities are limitless!

Attractive app design

Remember that it’s very important how the application looks like, if it’s intuitive for the user, if the product that you sell is well presented, and the purchasing process is simple. A good product designer will make your app easy to use. In the design process, all of the user’s needs and limitations need to be considered.

How much does it cost to make an app?

At CSHARK we look at new projects individually, so there is no right answer on how much the application development costs. It depends on many factors:


  •  The application complexity (PoC, MVP or a corporate application)
  •  Choice of technology
  •  The number of mobile app engineers and UX/UI designers engaged in the project
  •  The team competencies (junior, regular or senior mobile app developers or product designers)
  •  The model of cooperation (Fixed-price or Time&Material)
  •  The deadline to push the app to Appstore or Google Play.
  •  The budget and when the applications run: Further development, optimization, and maintenance of the app
  •  Upgrades to the latest version of the iOS or Android
  •  Bug fixing
  •  Improvement of the application performance

However, if you’d like to know how much the remote team of the software developers costs, you can read about the total cost of employment here.

What mobile technologies to choose from?

A perfect app should be build using best practices and the adequate technologies. We work with the following technologies for developing high-quality code for mobile applications: 


  • Android – apps written in Java or Kotlin 
  • iOS – native languages like Objective-C or Swift 
  • Cross-platform mobile app development – with React Native or Flutter 
  • Back-end infrastructure – where we’d match the technologies you would like to use or analyze the stack which will last and perform 

Working on a mobile app project?

We make responsive applications that look and work great on mobile devices. Customers consume content on a wide variety of devices; think about multiple software solutions, simultaneously. Mobile software development is all about convenience for the user. We understand that. 

Optimize your costs, cut the time, get a reliable and experienced team. We can not only develop an application but also consult on your vision and the current state of the project. We can also do the UX/UI design of the app. If you are looking for mobile app programmers - Let’s talk! 

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