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High value with not high-level language

With self-awareness and enough knowledge about software development, almost anyone can create her or his app in Golang, a simple but powerful programming language developed by Google employees. Its simplicity should not be mistaken for limited use though; in hands of a skilful developer Go can be a powerful tool. More so, Golang is often called 'a new C++', since quick compilation and deployment, easier syntax and garbage collector effectiveness make the difference. There are also no classes, making the language similar to JavaScript but lacking the sharing of functionalities between classes. Flexible data structure and vast standard library allow for the development of equally vast projects, making Golang a valid choice for many teams.

The future of back-end

Due to its nature, Golang is often called 'the future of back-end'. Open source allows for multiple, independently developed solutions while being backed by a large company. Golang was developed with cloud computing in mind, so it's perfect for server-side solutions and all that is arguably becoming the base for a modern tech world. It was also developed with current hardware architectures in mind, meaning that server farms are not the only ones with benefits.

Cross-platform development

Golang has plenty of built-in language features that enable easy cross-platform development. Among them there are cross-platform UI library called GXUI, a portable standard library which looks and acts the same as for example Java, a compiler/toolchain for each supported platform which offers binaries. This approach for shipping a programming language benefits developers in a very practical way.

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