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    FinTech Software Development Services

    Driving and Delivering Change into the FinTech Industry

    With extensive experience in the financial sector, we guide FinTech businesses through the process of digital transformation and provide reliable product & software services to create new solutions from scratch.

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    01 Understanding the Needs of FinTech Enterprises and Startups

    Different FinTech projects and 9 years of experience path the way to tailor our approach accordingly.

    FinTech Enterprises

    To meet the unique needs of enterprises and their large-scale financial systems, we deliver comprehensive solutions that streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

    We can address some of the major challenges, such as:

    being compliant and secure,

    optimizing processes, risks and costs,

    providing efficient infrasturcture and integrations.

    Solve the most common technology challenges in finance!

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      FinTech Startups

      Startups, on the other hand, can benefit from our product development and business support in creating solutions from concept to go-live and beyond. We work closely with founders and domain experts to deliver the best quality in a cost-effective way.

      We guide startups through the whole product & software development process from just the idea to launch to the market, which means:

      establishing product-market fit and developing an MVP,

      supporting regulatory compliance and data security,

      balancing the quality and cost efficiency.

      01 Helping FinTech Companies Grow

      An excellent understanding of FinTech challenges led us to long-lasting cooperation with multiple financial institutions at different stages of their business development.

      Our portfolio includes both well-established global enterprises and companies embarking on their FinTech journey.

      Deep domain knowledge and technical expertise, compared with communication skills and project management, convinced us. (...) Due to a large number of projects, it’s safe to say that CSHARK has played and will play a significant role in working with Fenergo. CSHARK supports us technologically and software-wise and is a stable, ongoing partner. (...) CSHARK understands our challenges and the industry therefore can provide reliable software solutions in a highly competitive timeframe.

      Niall Twomey
      CTO, Fenergo
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      01 Consult Your FinTech project

      With our 9 years of experience in the field, we can help you in several ways:

      Custom Software

      – including financial platforms, mobile apps, and technology-based solutions to streamline financial operations and improve efficiency.

      and Security

      – supporting the regulatory requirements and maintaining the protection of sensitive financial data from the software development side.

      and Scalability

      – to provide the latest technologies and development practices, and guarantee seamless integrations.

      Technologies, cloud, and compliance:

      We're able to support you with modernizing an existing system, simplifying the integrations, or building a new FinTech product.

      If you want to consult your project and ask any burning questions, fill in the form with the project description – our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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        01 Our Approach to FinTech Software & Product Development

        Whether it’s a financial platform, mobile app, or any other solution, we have the expertise and resources to deliver results.

        01 CSHARK in a Nutshell

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        projects in
        the pipeline
        years in
        the industry

        We help enterprises with end-to-end digital transformation and start-ups with turning ideas into products. Founded in 2014, we’ve been growing rapidly ever since. Our dynamic growth has been recognized by The Financial Times and Forbes. 

        It all started from a FinTech project with an Irish unicorn, Fenergo. Now we have a wide portfolio of clients from FinTech, AI/Data, BioTech, NFT/Digital /Assets as well as from the industrial world in banking, materials, construction, energy, logistics, and industrial automation.

        Strong remote and hybrid culture makes it easy to navigate different time zones. We operate globally, with a presence in major business hubs in Europe, the UK, Canada, and Singapore.

        01 Searching for a Reliable Technology Partner?

        If you want to consult your project and ask any burning questions, fill in the form with the project description – our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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