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Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software is a custom solution that is scalable, connects with other software and mobile apps, that enables you to analyze and manage different kinds of data. What’s more such software should be cost-effective in the long term and often needs to meet the business sector regulations.

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Enterprise applications are designed to store and process a large amount of complex, often cross-referencing data. Especially today, when information equals knowledge that leads to the competitive market edge. Data is used not only to guide and drive strategic decisions but also to automate business processes.

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Experience and knowledge

CSHARK has the experience, knowledge, and tools to create enterprise custom software. For over six years, we’ve been cooperating with Fenergo – a leading Digital Client Lifecycle Management solutions provider. CSHARK contributes to R&D, Professional Services, and Pre-sales. Together we work on software for top-tier global banks.

We can support your internal processes by custom software development systems:

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)
Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM)
Product Data
Management (PDM)
Business Process
Management (BPM)
Enterprise Content
Management (ECM)
Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)
Customer Lifecycle
Management (CLM)
Human Resource
Management (HRM)

Our enterprise software projects


Fintech and regtech system development

Development of the regulatory and compliance system. Work on platform design and development, product customization, product delivery and integration with the end client system, and customer support.



Maintenance and development of the client’s visa application program in the USA.



Need of optimizing scanning process of client’s products.

Quality software matters to us!

"Cooperation is smooth and effective, CSHARK knows how to handle different technical requirements and advanced market demands."

Niall Twomey
CTO, Fenergo

"All team members that were assigned to us were easy to communicate, helpful and provided us with fast and transparent updates and feedback."

Dr. Alexander Fritz
COO & CISO & Head of R&D, OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

"CSHARK has strong, detailed operating processes for managing the project. This includes a heavy focus on QA."

Mario Janssen
President/CEO, HTP J-1 Visa Programs

More insights

What makes CSHARK different?

The approach is what we’re known for. At CSHARK we not only provide product development services but also consult on the process. Acting as an IT consultant gives us a tremendous opportunity to serve you both as a software development partner and business partner as well. Enterprise software development solutions must be tailored – before we develop, we analyze and advise. On architecture, functionalities, design, and technologies to be adopted. We put ‘you’ in ‘your business goals’. That is why clients decide to trust us – as it was in the case of establishing cooperation with American company HTP-J1 Visa Programs.

We know the needs of the enterprise sector, and we can answer themCSHARK works with 26 out of 50 global banks and financial institutions all over the world on FinTech and RegTech projects thanks to cooperation with Fenergo. We know how corporations work, think, and react – to opportunity and crisis alike. That’s why our over 300-talent crew work to assist you with challenges.

Enterprise web & mobile applications

quality software product development company puts an emphasis on the end-user. Web and mobile applications need special attention and individual approach. They have to be designed in a way that satisfies users’ needs and respects their habits. User experience and user interface (UX/UI) are the key to a successful launch of the application and winning streak later on. Factors like the type of user, number of users, the average time in a session, or number of activities comes second to the ability to use the application to the user’s advantage. We have in-house full product design and UX/UI specialists on board – you’re in for the complete package.

What counts is empathy and user-centricity. An app designer and the whole team must think about what the single point of pain for the user is while using similar applications and how it can be resolved. Plus, and that is far more important, how the developing application can contribute to the experience of assisting the user with day-to-day activities.

Enterprise software products development

Enterprise software development solutioncan be complex, consider business goals, numerous user accounts, and the stability of the software. Plus, the proliferation of the data across the entire organization, which on its own, generates a lot of challenges that need to be solved. Not everyone in the organization should have access to the strategic, operational, or production datatherefore, security plays a big role.

Software for enterprises should be tailored but, at the same time, have the ability to scale. Features like customer and business relationship management, accounting, tracking, and visibility as well as countless other functionalities should be incorporated through the software product development process to assure business value. At CSHARK, we believe in complex solutions, giving you the ability to have not only a practical software solution but also a chance to create you an ecosystem across different company divisions and devices, giving you a multiplatform experience.

Proof of Concept (PoC) development

A Proof of Concept is the first step towards a Minimum Viable Product. CSHARK can help you with a quick confirmation of your idea. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time on a full-scale product; you can focus on one small thing and verify if further investments make sense.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development

AMVP development can be made through the lighthouse project – a small-scale project that is perfect for proving the point. It’s perfect for startups, but it’s also very popular in enterprises. A lighthouse project helps convince people in your organization to follow the path and invest money, resources, and time of talents into the full-scale project.

An MVP is built to test a hypothesis. It’s pretty much barebones with no special features or not many advanced features for that matter. An MVP takes few weeks or months to develop and can be used to decide the fate of the project or sometimes even an entire division in the company. It can be merely a prototype or a bigger product that shows functionalities that are supposed to show up in the final product version.

No matter the scope, the main thing about MVP is trust. If you want to come to us with a bigger project but want to test us first, MVP is a great thing to go. You will see how we work at CSHARK, what we pay attention to in the process, what we value, and why. It’s a two-way street, though. Plus, your team will also learn to cooperate with each other, proving to themselves that they can handle management over the project on your side, before tackling the bigger task. 

How we work at CSHARK

Customer-centricity & Design Thinking. These are the keys to unlock your true potential. Enterprise software development solutions don’t have to be solely about writing code. They can and should be about understanding your company – market conditions and surroundings, business philosophy, approach to processes, business goals, and long-term product development plans.

We value user centered design, we have an organized design process. This and empathetic understanding of deep customer needs are driving forces between our daily software development process.

We write code, but we also advise. We do this because we believe people always march before software. That’s why CSHARK started with 23 people and now is over 300 talents strong. Focus on the client, passion for software product development services, and internal processes that drive the change in your organization. We are not a software development partner. We are your assistant on the road to market domination.

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