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Does your software house develop software products for Industry 4.0?
What technologies are you specialized in?
What VR software products does your company make?
Does your company offer more services than simple software development?
How do you estimate the length of the project?
What does the process of application development look like in your company?
Have you ever worked on a project similar to mine?
How many developers do you have and what are their seniority levels?
How much time would you need to get to know my half-baked project and finish it up?
How many software developers do you currently have on board?
What seniority levels do your developers have?
On what projects would I be working on if hired?
What is the policy on internal promotions?
What site will I be working in?
Is there a possibility of remote work as a software developer?
Is there a possibility to change projects mid-term?
Can I bring my whole team to CSHARK with me?
What benefits does CSHARK have?

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions with our answers. Our tagline #expectmore is more than a marketing slogan. It's a commitment to client service and a great office life.