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Software and process optimization

  • Problem:

    Need of optimizing scanning process of client’s products

  • Client:

    A leading German manufacturer

  • Sector:

    Production, installation and maintenance, Industry 4.0

  • In progress


A client is a major manufacturer, creating air system products for a few branches of industry. Out of management for many different products there came a need to create a mobile application for quick QR scanning. An app, working with an external scanning device, allows logging into users’ accounts, seamless QR scanning for product information and transferring data about the product to a local client’s system. 

We are working towards the application’s launch, therefore simplifying the process of product identification and optimization of the workers’ time. 


Developers: 3
Project management: Agile/SCRUM
Android, Kotlin, Dagger, JSON, RxJAVARxAndroidRefroit


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