IoT platform for industry and healthcare


New technologies significantly alter the way your business operates

  • A need for an IoT platform for industry 4.0 and healthcare sectors

  • Client

    VecCtor - A German awarded startup

  • Project finished


SerGate a telematics and GPS data display and analysis system is an IoT platform that allows the gathering, processing and analyzing data for different needs, for example, predictive maintenance.  It has the ability to monitor the status of a factory’s assembly line or cooperate with workflow management system software or document management system.

SerGate can be used in a number of environments and for different reasons. Healthcare industry can leverage the system to track patients’ location and monitor his or her health inside the hospital or at home.

SerGate deployment is not limited to the industry but rather to the needs of a specific company. And even then, thanks to its flexibility, the system can be adjusted and updated to meet specific conditions and challenges.


Team: 9 developers total – 1 Tech Lead, 1 Product Owner,  3 Backend Developers, 3 Frontend Developers, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 UX Designer (if needed for assistance)

Project management:  Scaled Scrum – 2-week sprints, direct contact with the client during the Demo (sprint review), on-site meetings


Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, and Istio for building infrastructure.

Net Core 2.x or higher and Docker – for microservices building.

IdentityServer 4.0 – authorization and authentication.

xUnit i Pact.Net - testing.

signalR, Elastic Search/ Serilog. Azure DevOps - CI and CD environment

MS SQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra - databases


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