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  • A need for live monitoring of industrial assets

  • Client

    VecCtor - A German awarded startup

  • Project finished


DNA is a project for monitoring clients’ industrial assets. It can be an agricultural machine, a company car or employees and its relation to factory workplace, working time, etc.  The main goal of this product is a significant expansion of functionalities present in the client’s legacy application. In this product, monitoring was present only in the form of tracking cars with statuses and alarms. In the new system, the client wants to monitor any given object with statuses and alarms and be able to view their live position on a map.

It means we have to radically change the GUI interface with the goal of making it clearer and more informative for the user. Not to mention a complete system created from the ground up.

Team: 9 developers total – 1 Tech Lead, 1 Product Owner,  3 Backend Developers, 3 Frontend Developers, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 UX Designer (if needed for assistance)

Project management: Scaled Scrum – 2-week sprints, direct contact with the client during the Demo (sprint review), on-site meetings


Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, and Istio for building infrastructure

Net Core 2.x or higher and Docker – for microservices building

IdentityServer 4.0 – authorization and authentication

xUnit and Pact.Net - testing

signalR, Elastic Search/ Serilog. Azure DevOps - CI and CD environment

MS SQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra - databases


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