Real time data management system - project description CSHARK


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Case 2

  • Problem:

    Lack of real time data management systems for waste treatment plants.

  • Client:

    Wastewater facilities

  • Sector:

    Water management

  • Project in progress


This is a dedicated solution based on our product for the wastewater treatment industry. 

The main objective of the project is the overall management of the wastewater treatment at the specialized facilities Improvement of the wastewater quality, increasing operational safety of the sewage treatment plant and data analysis are among our priorities. 

The system’s safety is based on two main modes – pre-programmed automated reactions uses visualization and historical data in real time, while manual mode is operational for the non-engineers, making it easy for specialists lacking engineering knowledge. Here visualisation will become handy as well.  

CSHARK’s engineers are also working on the system optimization to face complicated technical challenges like real time chemical dosage for maintaining consistent levels of compounds, phosphates for example. Electrical usage optimization, waste treatment optimization cost and preventive diagnostics are also among a long list of system’s capabilities. 

CSHARK will ultimately integrate the system with existing on-site databases and drivers for better infrastructure exploitation. The next effect of this policy will be a significant cost reduction for the future driver and sensor development and utilization. This will ease the process of future optimization and maintenance.

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