A tool for video games translations


New technologies significantly alter the way your business operates

  • The need for integration of a system and a tool for video games translations

  • Client

    One of the biggest producers and publishers of video games in the world

  • Project finished


The Knights of Unity contacted us to support them with a specific piece of the project. They worked with a game company from London focused on mobile games. It’s a game studio of one of the biggest developers and publishers in the world. Known for industry’s key franchises taken place in open worlds and genres like first-person shooters or action games based on parkour.

The challenge was to integrate the system for video games with the system used by the mother company. We created a dedicated, tailored windows application based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The application downloads data needed for translation from the server and transforms them into a format digestible by a plugin created in Unity by The Knights of Unity.

The application allows for the smooth work of UI designers. They can easily operate on languages other than English and eliminate unused portions of the text from the game. Developers can also easily spot fragments in the games that lack text. Overall the solution will benefit scriptwriters and UI designers.

Team: WPF Developer

Project management: Agile

Technology: WPF, REST API, Unity3D

Status: Finished

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