17/05/2021 Minimum Viable Product Is Not for You – It’s for the User. MVP Testing
We explain what minimum viable product testing is, why it is essential to test the MVP, collect feedback from the users, and how our MVP testing approach looks.
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06/05/2021 Piotr Homa: Always Up For an Adventure
Read the interview with Piotr Homa, who works in the Development Team. He tells us about his passion for outdoor life.
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29/04/2021 CSHARK Gets Recognized as Wrocław’s Best Digital Design Company
CSHARK has been recognized as Wroclaw’s Best Digital Design Company, according to Clutch's Top B2B Companies in 2021.
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22/04/2021 The State of RegTech 2021. What Affects Its Advancement and How to Accelerate Innovation in Regulatory Processes Within the Financial Industry
What is the current state of the RegTech industry, and what holds up the adoption of new technology? Read the article to find out! The author is Maciej Rohleder, Co-Founder & Board Member at CSHARK.
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08/04/2021 Technical Debt in Software Development: How to Minimize It?
What is technical debt, how to deal with it, or how to minimize it? What causes tech debt, and what are the types of tech debt? Read the article and get all the answers!
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02/04/2021 MVP Price – How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP and Why?
An MVP is relatively cheap to build compared to the actual digital product. Read this article if you would like to know how much does it cost to build an MVP.
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29/03/2021 The Art of Conducting Performance Reviews: 7 Tips for an Effective Review Meeting
In the final article in this series, we provide you with 7 tips to conduct the performance review meeting in a useful and constructive manner.
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18/03/2021 MVP Software Development – How to Succeed at Creating Digital Products?
Planning MVP software development? In this article, Klaudia Raczek explains everything you need to know before you start building your MVP.
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09/03/2021 Custom Software Development Company – 11 Tips on How to Choose the Right One
Outsourcing software development can bring your company significant business benefits. However, many companies are unaware of the impact this decision will have on their business. In this article, we explain why it's worth making an extra effort when it comes to selecting the right software development partner.
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04/03/2021 CSHARK Invests in a Solution for the Music Industry
CSHARK expanded the partners' group with The Unsigned Library company, which offers a new, ethical music licensing platform.
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meetup #6
Designing after the end of the world. How did the pandemic affect product design?

2020 has changed everything. The designing of digital products based on people's needs also had to change. During the first webinar in the Digital Product Design Talks series, Martyna Mrozek and Mariusz Wszołek will discuss how social distance and pandemic fear have influenced users and digital product design principles.

CSHARK co-organize the online meetup together with the SWPS University. The webinar will be held in Polish language.

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meetup #5
Microservices - newly discovered

Meetup was devoted to the subject of microservices, more precisely:

▪️ Classification - what are microservices
▪ Construction - the strengths and weaknesses of microservices (and how to deal with them)
▪ Occurrence - where and why it is worth or not to use this architecture

Meetup was conducted by Bartłomiej Undak, the founder and board member of CSHARK

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meetup #4
During the 4th Mint Slash Meetup, Michał Fiuk, a .NET Tech Lead at CSHARK, compared work based on a contract of employment with running your own business. He presented the advantages and disadvantages of each and explained costs related to both systems that are not always obvious.
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meetup #3

During the meetup at Wrocław University of Technology, Michał Puente-Bartłomiejczyk our .NET developer, presented the differences and similarities between .NET and .NET Core technologies. He showed good practices of the use of .NET Core and created an application during a live coding session.

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meetup #2

Grzegorz Silarski, Senior DevOps Engineer Lead at CSHARK introduced the Ansible world. During the workshops divided into two parts: Part I - Ansible, Part II - Ansible AWX / Tower. Grzegorz presented the theory and conducted practical tasks. The workshop lasted about 6 hours.

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meetup #1

At Wrocław University of Technology our experienced .NET developer, talked about OAuth 2.0. Authorization using .NET programming language.

The scope of the meetup:

  • Presentation of the basic authorization methods
  • Explanation of OAuth 2.0.
  • Live demo session – creating applications using Auth0.com
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