Are you looking for a guide on your journey from idea to MVP?

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    During the free consultation, you can discuss any topic related to the development of MVP. We will choose a date convenient for both parties, and our Digital Solutions Consultant will try to provide reliable answers to your questions.

    • We will discuss your idea
    • We will identify and compare the advantages of your product to the competitors
    • We will go through our MVP To-Do Checklist to cover all of the must-haves, based on 7 years of experience
    • We can help you to set the goals, identify the pain points, and find solutions


    At CSHARK, we have built MVPs for companies from different sectors for the last 7 years. We supported the Nudge, VecCtor, the Knights of Unity, Husarion, and many more companies at the beginning of their journey. We know how to create an MVP, omitting unnecessary risks of failure – we have done more than 100+ projects and grown to over 270+ people on board.

    If you plan to build an MVP or already started working on it, fill in the form, and talk with Piotr! With his knowledge and years of experience creating MVPs, you will make a realistic timetable and cost-efficient MVP.



    Digital Solutions Consultant at CSHARK

    Vigorous talker, relation builder, technology enthusiast. Passionate about MVP and getting things done, #ExpectMore evangelist.

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