Use our knowledge, experience, and create a working and well-planned MVP


Planning to build an MVP? Or maybe you have already started working on it? Fill in the form, download the checklist full of handy tips and see if you can tick all boxes. Track the progress and:

  • know the difference between a prototype and an MVP
  • check at what stage of development your MVP is
  • plan the next steps
  • select a target audience for your product
  • analyze users behavior
  • choose the best technologies
  • design the branding

An MVP is an early-stage version of a new product with the least amount of features necessary to perform its intended function. At CSHARK, we have built many MVPs for startups from various sectors. We know how to do an efficient MVP, omitting unnecessary risks. That is why we decided to prepare the checklist that will guide you through the process, highlight the areas you should focus on, and let you plan the MVP in a scalable way.

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    cshark_mvp-checklist_landing_cover cshark Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Checklist