Senior/Lead Kubernetes & Golang Developer

Senior/Lead Kubernetes & Golang Developer

CSHARK is a software development outsourcing and IT consulting company. We work on a project for creating a new open-source solution, and now, we want you as our new Kubernetes & Golang Developer!

The role will be perfect for you if you’re looking for a serious challenge! You need to be an expert in Kubernetes and have a at least basic understanding Golang. This project is a chance to show off your skill in front of the international open-source community and be a part of a team that will change the way developers and businesses manage their applications in Kubernetes. We are looking for a developer who can act as a Lead and will be an active part of the open-source community in this project. #Expectmore from your career and join us!

The main goal of this project is to build a solution that will allow for moving and building applications on Kubernetes without the participation of DevOps and turning compliance and security from a ‘cost of doing business’ into a competitive advantage.

Team Responsibilities:

  • Development of Kubernetes CRDs and controllers (operators) to manage full-lifecycle applications
  • Defining specifications and tooling to securely bundle applications
  • Participation in CNCF Application Delivery SIG, Kubernetes SIG-Apps, and KUDO community meetings to drive product alignment. This may include contributing to upstream projects to ensure platform capabilities are met
  • Developing a simple POC Front-end application to showcase platform capabilities
  • Being an active part of the open-source community project: being active on the project’s slack channels/responding to GitHub issues, etc.

You are a perfect fit if you:

  • Have 5+ years of software development experience
  • Have a deep understanding of Kubernetes APIs and internals, including experience creating CRDs, operators and admission controllers and a strong knowledge of Kubernetes RBAC (CKA & CKAD certification will be a plus)
  • Have min. 1,5 year of Golang software development experience
  • Have 1+ year of Python experience
  • Have 1+ year developing JavaScript (Node / React.js or AngularJS)
  • Are experienced in dockerizing code
  • Have experience in building microservices in Go
  • Have strong English written and spoken communication skills
  • Have technical team leadership skills and software architecture skills

Are you interested in this job offer?


Some reasons why you would enjoy working with us


International projects
and teams


Relocation and business travel opportunity (Ireland, France, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, India, etc.)


Flat organizational structure– the Board is at your disposal


Regular team integration events


Internal technical workshops, soft skills training and Mint Slash Meetups, where you can also be a trainer


English lessons


We create and develop a technical blog (you can also participate in it)


You can choose the form of cooperation (B2B, UoP)


Flexible working hours


Remote work - depends on a project


Employee referral bonus between 3 000 and 7 000 PLN


Access to the company’s library

Recruitment process
The right mix of people on board is the key to success. That’s why the recruitment process is very important to us.

or technical interview


interview and company


if you decide to join us :)

Are you interested in this job offer?

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