Product Designer

Product Designer

CSHARK is a digital consultancy that focuses on innovative products and made-to-measure solutions. We help enterprises with digital transformation and start-ups with translating ideas into products. We like to do things holistically — it's all about finding a balance between business advisory, product design, and software development. We're industry-agnostic, so don't be surprised if one day you end up learning about an area you've never even known existed.

The Product Design team has been formed in 2019, so we're still young, creative, and hungry. Since then, it's been growing steadily and lately we've started partnering with SWPS University in Wroclaw. In the role of a Product Designer you'll most certainly be teaming up with Martyna, who runs the team on a daily basis, Krzysiek, our go-to strategist, and working alongside Ula (could show her profile, but she doesn’t scrobble anymore), responsible for pixel perfectness and daily jokes, Piotrek, who handles all new business and team soothing and Zuzia, the dog, that has refused to create a LinkedIn profile.

An ambitious Product Designer — that's you! Curious what will be your daily duties? Well, here's a short breakthrough of your responsibilities:


Leading design projects from start to finish

  • you work directly with our clients, guiding them through product design processes
  • you're like a Swiss army knife, combining the skills of facilitating discovery and innovation workshops, helping clients define their product UX fundamentals and then translating them into visually-stunning UI
  • being the Swiss army knife, you know your limitations — you're a not a lone wolf and can understand when to ask for some more specific UX support from our strategists or when to hand out the UI project to be polished by our designers
  • you have a consultative approach, proactively advising clients with their product vision with your own solutions and suggestions


Managing and growing selected client accounts

  • you take ownership of parts of communication with clients — we don't believe in management silos but rather that the people the closest to the subject should make decisions, so you'll be responsible for managing client communication in individual projects
  • you speak English with a confidence and ease — we almost exclusively work with international clients
  • you're a relationship builder and a team player


Building the team with us, adding your expertise to our common stack

  • you develop and improve your skills constantly
  • you are proactive about daily work and like to take action
  • you participate in setting high quality product design standards
  • you help other designers when in need, being an excellent team player
The perfect fit:
  • you have minimum of 2 years of commercial experience in complete Product Design processes backed up by a portfolio that shows you can take it from start to finish
  • you're a seasoned workshop facilitator, being able to host workshops in both offline and remote scenarios, utilising a number of tools and techniques for your product discovery, user understanding and innovation
  • you have demonstrable and reputable UX&UI design skills in creating stunning and stunningly functional visual interfaces for web and mobile in the tool of choice. Yes, we underlined the word „stunning” for a reason.
  • you have a good understanding of the design process and ability to adjust methods to project requirements for the sake of creating intuitive solutions, while keeping to business goals and strategy
  • you know the full stack: user flows, information architecture, personas, grids, colour harmony, typography, etc., and you feel confident about these.
  • you can explain where your designs solve actual user problems and address their needs
  • you are able to clearly and independently communicate your vision and have arguments standing for your design decisions
  • you can cooperate with other team members: UX designers, UI designers, Product Designers, software developers, business strategists, analysts, etc.
  • you’re familiar with design systems and frameworks (i.e. iOS Human Interface, Material Design, etc.)
  • you are fluent in English — B2 level would be a minimum, as we work mainly with international clients

For bonus points:

  • you have a basic understanding of technical aspects in the web and mobile environment
  • you’re familiar with new and hip software — Miro, Notion, Around, Framer, Protopie, Principle or can even surprise us with your favourites!
  • when in need you can support the team with other design-related tasks (maybe you’re a Branding Maestro, an Animation Aficionado or an Illustration Loco?)
  • you have used some no-code design tools before (i.e. Bubble, Webflow, Thunkable, Bravo Studio, etc.)
  • you like to share your knowledge and talk about your craft — both internally and during meet-ups and conferences
  • you agree with the following statement: dogs are cool 🐶

Are you interested in this job offer?


Some reasons why you would enjoy working with us


International projects
and teams


Relocation and business travel opportunity


Flat organizational structure – the Board is at your disposal


Big Parties (CSHARK's Birthday, Christmas)


Sport events and trips


Team integration budget


English lessons


You can be an author of Mint Blog posts


The form of cooperation (B2B, UoP) depends on the projects


Flexible working hours


Remote work – the number of days depends on the project


Employee referral bonus between 3000 and 7000 PLN


Access to the company’s library


Internal technical workshops


Soft skills training – leadership skills development


We organize Mint Slash Meetups, where you can also be a speaker


Fresh fruits


Good coffee and tea


Open and friendly atmosphere


No dress code


Charity initiatives


Work in Agile Methodologies




Safe place for two wheels

Recruitment process
The right mix of people on board is the key to success. That’s why the recruitment process is very important to us.
time:1 - 2 H
interview and company presentation
time:1 H
if you decide to join us :)
time:1 MIN
Interested in a career at CSHARK? Find answers to your questions.
Check FAQ section

Are you interested in this job offer?

Contact Us
If you have questions or need more information
CSHARK recruitment team - Małgorzata Naumowicz
IT Recruitment Lead
+48 887 733 009
CSHARK recruitment team - Monika Burkiewicz
IT Recruitment Specialist
+48 887 733 003
IT Recruitment Specialist
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Krzysztof Matlak
IT Recruitment Specialist
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FAQs: Working at CSHARK

We put the frequently asked questions on working at CSHARK in this section. We hope it will be helpful!

What does the recruitment process look like at CSHARK?

It depends on the project. In all cases, there are at least two stages in the process. The first stage is a preliminary interview with our recruiter, who will lead you throughout the whole process. In the second stage, which is optional and depends on the project, we’ll ask you to take a test. The final stage is a face-to-face meeting with the recruiter who may be joined by a technical person or the leader of the project. After these two or three stages, you will make your decision.


How should I prepare for the first interview?

Before the interview, we’ll send you a short manual that outlines everything you need to know. Above all, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Take a second look at the job offer. Perhaps you have some doubts or additional questions? We’ll clarify everything you’d like to know during the interview. 
  • Do not hesitate to explore our website before the interview - you’ll find a lot of useful information there. 
  • Be prepared to talk about your past work experience. We want to know what you’d been up to.
  • Be ready to talk about formalities, including the length of the notice period, your salary expectations, type of contract and any other formal issues that are important to you.

We treat every interview as a bilateral meeting. We talk and we listen, trying to keep it at 50:50, so you will have plenty of time to talk about yourself and ask questions.


Is there a dress code?

No. At work, there are more important things than clothes, so feel free to dress comfortably.


Can I apply for work experience at CSHARK?

We don’t offer work experience placements on a regular basis. However, sometimes we recruit apprentices when new projects begin, so we encourage you to check our Careers page regularly for such openings.


Is it possible to work 100% remotely?

Again, it depends on the project. In some cases, it’s possible to work 100% remotely, in others, project teams are being built in one of our locations to allow collaboration on-site. In the latter case, team members are allowed to work from home up to 3 days a week. You will find out how much work can be done remotely during the first interview.


What will my career path look like?

At CSHARK, we operate in terms of seniority, so our employees work at Junior, Mid- and Senior level positions before they can become a Tech Lead and then Architect. At the same time, no career path at our company is engraved in stone. We support our employees’ professional development and thus opportunities to advance are always being considered individually. If we notice that you progress, we will be happy to discuss promotion opportunities. If our employee wants to make a change too, we are also open to talk about it.


Can I switch to a different project while I work at CSHARK?

Yes, it’s possible, but it won’t happen overnight. If you want to change the project, you will have to communicate this to your Line Manager first. You will talk to state the reasons for your desire to change, as well as your expectations regarding the new assignment. It will also be necessary to find a replacement before you transfer to a new project.


Will I have to travel for work?

Yes, in some projects we offer the opportunity to travel and work abroad, especially when working for a foreign client. However, working abroad is always voluntary. Unless we deem that a specific project requires relocation (which will be stated clearly in the job offer), you will never be forced to travel. We usually announce opportunities to work abroad internally and everyone interested is free to apply.


If I’ve been seeing a job offer on your website for a while, is it still valid?

We update our careers page regularly, so any offer that you find there is waiting for your application. If a role is related to our core technologies, i.e. C# and .NET, we constantly look for qualified staff, hence some offers (especially for .NET Developers) may be up for a longer period of time.


Can I apply if I don’t see an offer that matches my technical skills?

We encourage you to send your CV through Haven’t found what you are looking for? tab. We save every application in our database. When new vacancies pop up, we contact the candidates from that database in the first place. Patience is a virtue!


What’s the required knowledge level of English?

You have to be able to communicate freely within the team and with a client. There is no need to present a certificate, however, we will verify your knowledge of English during the interviews.


What’s the atmosphere at CSHARK?

We put people first. We know that the overall wellbeing of our employees will translate to success in every project, so we allocate time to socialize both offline and online. We regularly meet for a company breakfast or outside the office after working hours. Our current favorite is a virtual coffee meeting, for obvious reasons...

We try to create an environment that promotes work hygiene and offers development opportunities to our employees, so we often organize diverse challenging activities to keep our Sharks entertained. Recently, we’ve even launched a pilot massage program in our headquarters!


Is there a benefits package?

Our employees can also enjoy additional benefits. Some of the reasons why you would enjoy working with us are listed on this page, just scroll up to the relevant section.