Head of Sales

Head of Sales

You are

You are an experienced and versatile director-level sales strategist and leader, that is capable of orchestrating a well-arranged and KPI-oriented sales plan, yet is not afraid to get their hands dirty in the field. You talk numbers and then walk the very talk. You understand the nuances and complexities of software development and get excited about all the innovation it can bring to different clients’ products and ecosystems. You enjoy working in an intersection of sales, strategy, technology, and marketing, valuing horizontal impact within the organisation. Above all, you’re a seasoned leader, passionate about cultivating positive culture and maintaining relationships that go beyond the workplace.

We are

CSHARK is a digital consultancy that focuses on innovative products and made-to-measure solutions. We help enterprises with digital transformation and start-ups with translating ideas into products. We like to do things holistically — it's all about finding a balance between business advisory, product design, and software development. We're industry-agnostic, so don't be surprised if one day you end up learning about an area you've never even known existed.

Team & Culture

We've started in 2014 with 23 employees and a flat structure, valuing honesty, an informal, friendly atmosphere, and excellence in everyday work. We're happy to admit that we've grown to over 300 employees and several offices yet managed to stay true to our values. We've been a remote-friendly company from day one, although we cherish the times when we get to meet up in the office and give some high-fives.

What keeps us going is:

  • Honesty: we always stand for what we believe in.
  • Support: we look for solutions and try to solve problems, not generate them.
  • People: we're a bunch of cool kids yet understand the importance of well-laid processes that support our day-to-day operations.
  • Ownership: we choose action over passiveness.

In your role as Head of Sales, you join our leadership team, co-shaping CSHARK’s global footprint, and sales strategy. You will report to our Co-Founders, Kamil and Maciej, and collaborate closely with Jerzy, responsible for Project Delivery, Piotrek, the driving force behind Pre-Sales, and Klaudia, who runs Marketing. You will also lead, shape, and grow the sales team.

As a member of our leadership team, we expect you to buy-in and exemplify our culture, so the aforementioned values must resonate with you.

What you’ll do

Curious what will be your daily duties? Well, here's a short breakthrough of your responsibilities:

Owning the sales funnel, continuously measuring and improving the strategy:

  • you are a member of the leadership team and you contribute to our strategic direction operating on quantitative and qualitative market insights,
  • you own the overall sales roadmap and ensure it's in line with the needs of several regional markets we’re expanding to (focus for 2022: APAC & Canada),
  • you are accountable for the sales process and lead generation and cooperate with marketing and delivery teams to get the best out of CSHARK,
  • you take ownership of our deal pipeline management which includes running our CRM and sales tool stack,
  • you don’t like to settle and instead keep on upgrading the sales processes, our services, and products.

Leading and developing the sales team:

  • you lead by example, define and show best practice, train and upskill and ensure the team is ambitious, well-performing, and inspired,
  • you establish goals and KPIs, communicate them transparently, and translate them into reality,
  • you identify organisational needs and set up the necessary structures to unlock growth,
  • you embed account management practices within the organisation.

Managing and growing selected client accounts:

  • you take ownership of parts of communication with key clients, being an advocate of CSHARKs quality and culture,
  • your data-driven approach helps you identify opportunities to grow our existing clients,
  • you lead or contribute to complex negotiations and the closing of new business,
  • you speak Business English with a confidence and ease — we almost exclusively work with international clients.

What you’ll bring

  • You have minimum of 5 years of commercial experience in B2B sales backed up by numbers, strong resume and are not afraid of what your previous employers may say about you.
  • You're a seasoned sales professional with experience in the tech sector — this is a must.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience of leading high-performance sales teams.
  • You have a good understanding of the software development process and ability to translate it into simple, real-world solutions set in the context of clients’ ecosystems.
  • You have a strong knowledge of modern SaaS sales tools, such as Pipedrive, HubSpot, Sales Navigator, etc.
  • You are sales process-savvy, with ability to take a planned, data-oriented, and analytical approach.
  • You know that “selling this pen” is not the way sales should work and instead you are passionate about discovering the real needs and pains of the client so that you can accurately answer and solve them.
  • You have proven success in lead generation, prospecting, contract negotiation and closing in a B2B environment.
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills combined with true and inspiring leadership ability.
  • You think strategically, learn fast, and possess both the can-do and hands-on attitudes.
  • You are fluent in English — we’re talking C-levels here, as we work mainly with international clients.

For bonus points

  • You have relevant global organisation experience and are passionate about cross-cultural workplaces.
  • You are an asynchronous communication afficionado, valuing deep work, over avoidable meetings.
  • You’re familiar with new and hip software — Miro, Notion, Around, Loom, or can even surprise us with your favourites!
  • You like to share your knowledge and talk about your craft — both internally and during meet-ups and conferences.

What’s in it for you

  • Highly competitive salary depending on experience.
  • We work in a 100% flexible way, cultivating asynchronous communication. It’s totally up to you whether you want to work from one of our offices (Wrocław, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała), the comfort of your home or from a camper van.
  • We work on projects that require a non-standard approach and fuel your creativity — no boredom on board.
  • We’re an energetic, open-minded and ambitious team that likes to work horizontally. That means we’ll happily challenge your sales strategy and warmly welcome you to (substantively) roast our marketing, delivery and operational efforts.
  • You get to travel to support sales and marketing initiatives and consider this a perk.
  • We aim to build a place where you can be your whole self and recognise the positive value of diversity.
  • We quite often participate in training courses and industry events, sharing insights to our craft.
  • Instead of Fruit Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays we strive to work out the necessary healthy habits together, tailoring them to your needs.
The recruitment process
  1. LinkedIn profile verification
    When you decide to send us a welcoming e-mail, we'll review your CV or LinkedIn profile and reply straight away.
  2. An introductory call with our Recruitment Team
    The first step will be a short (promise, it'll be up to 45 minutes) call with Ola from our Recruitment team. This will be a good chance for a mutual introduction and a short conversation about you & us.
  3. The first meeting
    The selected candidates will then be invited to an interview with one of our co-founders and the leadership team. The interview will last about an hour and will mainly involve talking about your previous experience and sales craft.
  4. A task
    If the interview goes well, you'll be invited to do a short task or activity so that we can test together in battle. The task will be based on what we do on a daily basis and the challenges we face so that you can also get a taste of what it's like to work with us!
  5. The second meeting
    During the second interview, you’ll be asked to present the answer to the short task which we’ll happily comment on and try to challenge. We’ll then proceed to asking more in-depth questions about your ways of work. Finally, we’ll reserve some time for you to ask your questions.
  6. The final meeting
    Championing the previous stages will lead you to the final meeting with us, so we can have an insightful conversation about how we could align our visions.
  7. Paperwork
    The final step for champions and champions only - all the paperwork!
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