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Senior DevOps Engineer

We are looking or a candidate familiar with Azure, the full Lean and DevOps process and comfortable working in a dynamic fast changing environment. The role will suit you if you are experienced in CI and CD. 

Ideally, the candidate will have an interest in working on principles of Docker. But what is most important of all is your career development. The next generation of talent will further fuel Fenergo’s success. This is why we actively seek the best and the brightest to join us. Launch your career with an opportunity that connects you to a strong network, enables you to do your best work and actively supports your career.


Main Requirements:

  • Clear understandment of DevOps and Lean processes

  • Experience in CI and CD in .NET

  • Good understandment of TFS or Azure DevOps tools

  • Principles of Docker and microservice architecture

  • Good command of at least one of the following scripting languages: PowerShell/Bash/Python

  • Experience in build and release process automation

  • Knowledge of GIT

  • Keen for ‘infrastructure as code’ methodology

  • Experience in Microsoft Stack (preferred .NET Standard, .NET Core)

  • The willingness to learn about/experiment with new platforms, technologies and tools

  • Knowledge of one of the following technologies: Chef, Puppet or Ansible

  • Have some experience with Kubernetes, VMWare, HashiCorp, Elastic Stacks (not mandatory but nice-to-have)

Steps of recruitment process



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interview and company presentation



if you decide to join us :)

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