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VecCtor Case Study– CSHARK Builds an Industrial Assets Monitoring Platform for a German Startup

VecCtor Case Study– CSHARK Builds an Industrial Assets Monitoring Platform for a German Startup

We can spot bugs in software and straighten them out. We can iron out legacy code and add new, and modern functionalities. We can finally invest in your startup and make you an award-winning platform in just a few months. In the case of the German startup VecCtor we did it all, here’s a case study.

Brice De Ron is a very energetic man. He had a vision for a platform allowing for monitoring the client’s industrial assets. This tool would be used by companies to track drivers, passengers, vehicles and cargo. Just to name a few possible applications. The goals would be fuel, worktime, and cargo monitoring to make sure that both business and technical (for example car amortization) requirements are met. Brice even made a prototype for this product but unfortunately hit the wall. In order to develop the product further and add functionalities, he needed an investor. CSHARK was on the short list of companies that Brice wanted to talk to.

We met, discussed and CSHARK invested in a brand-new German startup – VecCtor. We developed the platform in just a few months and Brice’s team already got their first award - ‘Digital Champion North’ at the DIGITAL X event hosted by German Telekom. VecCtor won in “Digital process and organization" category and automatically entered the competition for the countrywide DIGITAL CHAMPIONS AWARD. This wouldn’t be possible without Brice turning to CSHARK with his original vision, our team’s efforts and MAKO – CSHARK’s very own platform for rapid software development. The project started in December 2018 and the award was handed out in June 2019.

We could end this case study here but just like charismatic Brice, we have few things left to say.

A brief company history

VecCtor’s roots reach as far as 2004 when CProjekt team was founded. It was done by one of the oldest security companies in Germany, with over 100 years of experience. In January 2018 the CProjekt team has been incorporated into a new company by VecCtor and under new management, it supports previous and new clients. VecCtor’s know-how, flexible solutions, and a large partner network allow the company to implement its solutions locally, directly at clients’ locations.

Earlier, in December 2018, CSHARK began to work on VecCtor’s platform. It was clear from the beginning that VecCtor has huge potential, knowledge and represent everything CSHARK is looking for in a startup. Leader that drives innovation, balanced and skilled team and a product with an important market impact.

As Marcin Krok, CSHARK’s board member says:

That’s why we invested in VecCtor, believing in their vision. As you can already tell, they have proven themselves pretty quickly. Brice is a seasoned entrepreneur with 25 years of professional experience in the field and a vast amount of knowledge. We don’t hesitate when it comes to investment opportunities that really make sense. VecCtor is a good example of our policy.

Brice has a deep, vast and very practical knowledge on what he does. That makes him a perfect partner for his clients. Unfortunately, at the very first stage of building VecCtor, Brice found himself having challenges on his own. What CSHARK did for him:

  • We took away a financial risk by incorporating VecCtor into CSHARK Ventures initiative
  • With a financial cushion, the company could concentrate on product development and sales rather than wasting time chasing investors
  • With our MAKO platform for rapid software development, VecCtor doesn’t have to worry about technology. The investment comes, technological foundation follows
  • IT mentoring and assistance in scaling the company also helps Brice to concentrate on business
  • We have also fixed additional challenge – lack of a suitable technological partner. VecCtor was looking for someone locally but both prices and availability were less than satisfactory. With pre-seed status and lack of appropriate ‘backstage support’, Brice could not have it done in a time he wanted to.

Monitoring industrial assets

Brice saw a market niche at the size of a whale. So yes, pretty big. Companies have vehicle fleets that need to be monitored live in order to effectively manage fuel, cars’ exploitation factors, employee’s worktime, and so on. These operations require a very precise solution with an advanced system of communication. Telematics used in VecCtor’s platform help companies gain knowledge not only about the fleet but also people.

VecCtor’s WFM (Workforce Management) system allows for:

  • Planning employee’s tasks and monitor the execution
  • Inform them about developments and roadblocks
  • Improve the flow of internal documentation
  • Increased employee effectiveness

Thanks to the combination of all these features, all logistic processes (deliveries, material exploitation, construction projects, tool repairs, etc.) can be easily cataloged, tracked and measured. Digitalization and data processing are the future of many companies and sectors of a modern and healthy economy. With combining efforts, investments, and know-how, VecCtor and CSHARK are making it possible.

CSHARK cooperation with VecCtor

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? Brice’s domain knowledge is huge. He’s also very keen on personalized view on the application and doesn’t accept anything less than perfect. VecCtor’s product should offer a 360-degree coverage of the client’s needs. With this type of world view and the emphasis on technical quality, the customer will choose our application. With the impressive client base on start and first award after a few months on the market, we have no choice but to agree.

Brice and his team know what to expect from themselves, partners and the product itself. The focus and vision are always laser-cut clean. At the same time, the team is always encouraged to be involved in the process of designing, building and expanding the product. And believe me, with Brice’s natural drive for conversation, people easily loosen up and give up small talk for vision talk.

When we were working on the product for VecCtor, the family came and took over. Brice’s son Dominick, is a sponge for knowledge as well and continues on his father’s 25 years-of-experience path. Dominick was responsible for communication between CSHARK and VecCtor. Across multiple sprints, we were able to observe him in action, cooperate on challenges, ask questions and share dilemmas. Everything went smoothly because of him. That’s what we wanted to share, what about Brice himself? Let the man do the talking.

As Brice De Ron, CEO at VecCtor says:

I have been developing software in a professional capacity since 1999. In these 20 years, I have never encountered the level of professionalism, creativity, and engagement I have found at CSHARK. These qualities go from the management down to the new engineers in our team, which have an average onboarding time to the project of five days, due to the excellent internal documentation. These are some reasons why we have decided to join CSHARK Venture initiative.

Our team for VecCtor included 10 talents, divided into two teams to utilize Scrum’s scalability and increase the autonomy and flexibility of our developers. It was 1 Tech Lead, 1 Product Owner, 3 Back-End developers, 3 Front-End developers, 1 DevOps Engineer, 1 UX Designer (depending on the stage of the project).

Technologies we have used for the project:

Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, and Istio - building infrastructure

Net Core 2.x or higher and Docker – microservices building

IdentityServer 4.0 – authorization and authentication

xUnit i Pact.Net - testing

signalR, Elastic Search/ Serilog

Azure DevOps - CI and CD environment

MS SQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra - databases

MAKO – the game changer

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for CSHARK’s rapid software development platform MAKO. It is a tool that made the project possible and let VecCtor build their market offer in just a few months. Thanks to its microservices-based architecture and cloud-native support, MAKO is the software for building new businesses and scale already existing ones.

MAKO can be applied to many businesses and help with different challenges – both business and technological in nature. If a few months of development resulting in fully-baked product convince you, contact us. We do a lot more than a simple code.