Top Tech Meetups in Berlin

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    Berlin is a go-to place for anyone interested in a modern tech world. The abundance of interesting tech meetups is enormous. In events like these, ideas are exchanged and business deals are made. Here are our top picks of the tech meetups in Berlin. 

    The best tech meetups in Berlin 

    Ethereum Meetup. Blockchain technology and software product services that go along with it disrupts the very world we live in. This meetup is all about Ethereum and its impact on today’s economy. 

    The UX Crunch. User Experience together with User Interface design is a vital part of any software product development services. It lets users not only comfortably use the product but also become a power user – a person that can push the limits of software creatively and create something truly magical. This event brings closer to both users and designers. The event takes place on January 21st, 2020. 

    Blockchain Business @Oracle. The meetup is for people interested in technology and business. Topics: Enterprise Blockchain Interoperability, Holochain – Why you do not need global state and global time in a decentralized system, What's new in Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform and Oracle Startup program. The date: January 27th, 2020. 

    Berlin UX Happy Hour. This frequent event is for everyone that understands the key principle of modern industrial design and software product development services. If you want to follow the UI/UX trends, dive deep into current solutions, then this should be on your bucket list. 

    Quarterly FinTech Social Event. Since CSHARK is a company that specializes in FinTech and RegTech, we couldn’t pass on promoting this event. This frequent meetup is for all interested in the newest trends, and value behind FinTech approach to the economy, money exchange and payments. The closest event takes place on February 13th, 2020. 

    Bitcoin Socratic Seminar. This event has been created to formatted to foster debate, information sharing, and lively discussion. In the weeks preceding the event, discussion topics are collated by meetup members from a variety of sources: pull requests in popular Git repositories (e.g. Bitcoin Core, lnd, c-lightning, Joinmarket, Elements Alpha and Electrum), research papers, technical blog posts, IRC logs, network monitors and more. The closest event will take place on April 14th, 2020. 

    Berlindroid. This is the oldest event on Android in Berlin. Users, Android software developers and other specialists come here to exchange information, talk about trends, learn and help each other out. The closest event will take place on July 29th, 2020. 

    Validate your product ideas in just 1 hour. An excellent meeting, dedicated to those who want to learn prototyping tool used by designers from Apple, Twitter, Pixar, and many more. If you want to be a professional UX or UI designer and, for example, help a software product development company achieve business goals, this is an event for you. As a full product development and design company, we aim for the event as well. The date: November 11th, 2020.

    Agile Communicator. The problem with many organizations comes from poor quality of communication or from lack thereof. This event highlights the must-haves of modern companies and helps entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. The teamwork makes the dreamwork – use it to your benefit. The event takes place on March 12th, 2020. 

    Software product development company 

    No amount of meetings and talking can be a substitute for doing. That’s why we at CSHARK are serious about software product development services in Poland and abroad. We talk about business goals and justification for this or that software functionality. But at the end of the day, the only things that matter are the quality of software development enterprise solutions and software development prices. At CSHARK, we like to think that meetups like mentioned above, build trust and connect our future employees and startup owners with our crew. We organize meetups in Poland while maintaining high-quality rapid software development services. 

    This article wouldn’t have been written without the engagement of our CSHARKers! It was created thanks to their expert knowledge & extensive experience. As multiple people were involved in the consultancy, creation, and verification process, we figured it’s not fair to list just one of us as an author. Let’s say it was a collective work of many great minds.