Top Tech Conferences in Toronto

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    There are few digital hubs in the world when a serious amount of innovation comes from. One of them is Toronto, where startups eager to come and even more eager to leave. With money, knowledge, and contacts. Conferences are perfect for this kind of job. We have prepared the list of the top tech conferences in Toronto to know when not to waste time.

    The tech conference scene in Toronto is big since the town is a Mekka for the everyone tech-savvy. The startups come to these events to keep the finger on the pulse. Here is our top of Toronto’s most interesting tech conferences.

    The best tech conferences in Toronto

    Canadian Accelerator Summit. It’s the gathering of accelerators, incubators, mentors, and community builders from entire Canada. The goal is to tap into the network of great personalities and their professional experiences to discover and create value for yourself. Panels and keynote speakers present data on their journeys and programs that support Canadian tech.

    CIX Summit. It’s the largest startup investment conference. More than 700 attendees and 250 investors talk to 200 startups about their vision and business plan.

    FITC. This is the technology and creativity conference about the future of innovation, technology, creativity. Everything that has to do with design, development, advancements of industries’ plateau, has its place here. Business, marketing, hardware, creative coding, over 70 presenters and more than 1,000 attendees. This is the core of this inspiring conference.

    Canadian FinTech Summit. Yesterday FinTech was about digitizing existing, real financial products and simplifying the way people use the money and invest them. Today it's about integrating financial services and into applications. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, FinTech is a rising tide that lifts all boats. Not only in the West but across the globe. Canadian FinTech Summit is about preparing for the future.

    Toronto Blockchain Week. If you are interested in blockchain and over 45 events don’t impress you then we have to talk. About this event, which is probably the largest FinTech conference in Canada. You can learn, attend the hackathon, discover solutions to legal and regulatory challenges, network, enjoy workshops and panels. It’s the most diverse blockchain showcase, one of the most inspiring in North America.

    IT Symposium/Xpo. It’s the event for CIOs and IT executives. The conference was created to discuss topics like data and analytics, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity. During the conference, leaders will have the opportunity to refine their strategies and find the technologies that will help power the digital transformation. Key areas for modern business are technology, information, leadership, and business strategy. The crew believes these challenges will only increase in the years to come.

    iTech. This is one of the biggest IT conferences and exhibition events in Canada. Focusing on infrastructure, cloud, security, data center, Artificial Intelligence, and mobility solutions, it helps discover and promote new cutting-edge products and services. It’s perfect for C-level operatives to attend and network, since over 3,000 IT professionals attend annually.

    Collision. As the press slogan goes, this is the ‘North America’s fastest-growing tech conference’. Over 30,000 attendees and over 1,300 journalists, with over 1,600 CEOs and from 100 countries speak about the future of tech and its impact on the global economy. Topics like data science, content, autotech, and environmental sustainability flow on the stage and in the auditorium.

    Elevate: Canada’s Tech Festival. Over 20,000 guests, over 500 media attendees, 300 speakers, and a large, uncontrolled does of inspiration. This is what you can expect from the event that unites the world’s innovators to solve society's greatest challenges. Events like startup open house, tech jam, or investor zone, bring closer the creative minds of today to solve problems of tomorrow.

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