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Top 10 Tech Meetups in Toronto

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    Toronto became one of the most exciting places for creating the FinTech community, but ’that’s not all. It’s not the only sector that benefits from an increased enthusiasm for technology. A lot of experienced software developers organize and attend meetups to learn, network, and build their companies. Check our list of the 10 most interesting tech meetups in Toronto to grow your company.

    Toronto is a city where there’s always something going on. Alongside the Silicon Valley and few American cities, Toronto had become one of the strongest centers of innovation. Startups and investors fly in to talk about opportunities and deals. That’s why technology meetups are so important – they prepare for the upcoming expectations and help drive innovations.

    Top Tech Meetups in Toronto to watch

    Metro Toronto .NET User Group. This long name stands for a very short technology name. .NET is a programming language that took developers and companies by storm. This meetup is dedicated to the advanced Visual Studio .NET developers and Microsoft Azure developers and architects. It’s your crowd if you want to talk about: .NET Framework, .NET CORE, ASP .NET, Entity Framework, Cloud, Web, Artificial Intelligence, WPF, WCF, DevOps, VSTS, TFS, Software Development, Computer Programming, Microsoft Technology, Microsoft Azure, Software Architecture, Clean Code, Secure Code, SQL Server, C#, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, TypeScript, PowerShell.

    Data Analytics. Data is a vital resource for any company. Intuition is an important tool, but data is a practical asset that lets you grow the business based on down-to-earth facts. The group offers workshops designed by specialists from Google, Amazon, BlackBerry, Equifax, BMO, RBC, and Scotiabank.

    Cloud and DevOps User Group. This event is for people interested in Microsoft technologies, solutions in everything in between. Cloud, .NET, DevOps, and other topics are dissected, discussed, and trained.

    Digital Transformation. Digital transformation is a phenomenon that sweeps through industries and boosts them according to the founders’ business goals. To successfully achieve them, you must remember that the key is efficiency, not the tools themselves. This meetup reminds us of that. Members work with industry experts who provide information and training about software development methodologies and technologies.

    Digital Currency & Compliance. The group’s goal is to connect the members to industry experts and provide solid information on the state and directions of the industry. The crew also wants to encourage people to form a forum that helps Canadian lawmakers create and implement regulations that affect financial technology.

    Testing, Automation, DevOps. This group helps enterprises, governments, academics, and any other interested party to accelerate innovation. During the meetings, members discuss and collaborate on projects involving continuous testing, deployment, integration, and monitoring. They are connected with investors, companies, automation, and operations experts.

    FinTechTO. The group analyzes the technological innovations and formal regulations that are shaking up finance industries, both in Canada and abroad. During events FinTech, professionals and entrepreneurs share their expertise and experience through vibrant presentations and interactive audience sessions.

    Blockchain Developers United. An efficient and down-to-earth approach to forming a group. This meetup is for developers that want to start their adventure with blockchain or improve coding skills. A very basic idea with no fireworks. Do you code? Come, interact, and learn. Sometimes the simplicity is the key.

    Machine Learning, Microservices, and APIs. This group is for anyone interested in building and deploying machine learning-powered products. Thanks to the universal nature of the group, everyone can find it interesting. From experts to newbies. Artificial Intelligence, ML research, teaching, and sharing knowledge is a base for building AI-driven applications. The group wants to spread knowledge among anyone interested.

    The Innovative Financier: Blockchain, AI, Robo-advisory, IoT. The meetup is opened to all interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, IoT, and how they all impact key-areas of today’s business. Retail, private, and institutional portfolio diversification, finance, banking – all need efficient technology to thrive and innovate. The meetup brings closer those who understand it and thrive thanks to the change.

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