Top 10 Startup Coworking Spaces in Stockholm

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    Startups create value for clients and change the world we live in. The problem is that sometimes they need basic tools to work. Like space, which often is much more than a clean desk to put your laptop on. Startup coworking spaces in Stockholm are what attract innovative companies. This is our top 10. 

    Coworking space is a very flexible office that an owner, a graphic designer, a software developer, and a sales manager can meet in to discuss the first phase of startup’s life. They can meet periodically or on a daily basis, sharing space, and ideas, use custodial services, etc. This way the cost of renting an office is lower and the flexibility of the solution – invaluable. Here are our picks for the most interesting startup coworking spaces in Stockholm.

    The best startup coworking spaces in Stockholm 

    A House. Complex  this is the first that comes to mind. Have you seen the blueprint for the thing? A giant building with a café, backstage, music studio, own yard, and a showroom. Yes, desks too. A production machine for companies that can use it. Up to 2015, it was a school. Now the building still serves as a school; this time the school of life for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. 400 workspaces. If this number doesn’t resonate with you, nothing will. 

    Alma. Sounds like a long-haired girl from a Japanese horror movie, doesn’t it? No, it’s a community of entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals working in the field of technology, design, venture investing, architecture, media, and more. Housed in a former design college,  space is dedicated to creatives. 300 workspaces get the job done, literally. 

    Goto10. This is a hub of knowledge exchange. They host events ranging from talks on internet history and culture to workshops on 3D printing and software development, including software product development services. Coworking space is a very important aspect of this organization, but we couldn’t help to notice that it often works as an excuse to teach people something. As it should be. You have 90 workspaces and multiple events to work with. 

    H2 Health Hub. Sometimes the name says it all. In this case – about the health and ways you can improve them. If you have a startup operating in the health industry, then this is the place for you. The tech and health community meet here to connect, work, collaborate, create, and share ideas. Flexible and designated workstations, event spaces and conference rooms are a perfect spot to get the job done. There are 130 workspaces availablethe number doesn’t hurt, right? 

    Impact Hub Stockholm. Inspirational coworking space – this is the motto, and it seems to be working. Events and meetups, vibrant networking events, a community of innovation at the intersection of meaning, industries and cultures. It goes beyond just the furniture and the walls, as they like to say in here. This is what gives this place a name. Plus 40 workspaces, because you have to... you know, work. 

    Norrsken House. This is the creative cluster that more than 300 entrepreneurs call home. ‘Solving some of the biggest challenges of our time’ may be seen as an exaggeration. Financed by big and powerful companies like PWC or Nordea, the hub is working on socially responsible ideas and solutions. Space has more than 30 partners, from law firms to investors, from tech experts to corporations. 220 opportunities, also called workspaces, await your success. 

    Openlab. Iteration – that’s the name of the game for any startup. Maybe that’s the reason behind ‘do first-think-do again’ motto. The mission of this space is to turn Stockholm into the global center for societal innovations improving quality of life. Sustainable innovation is the key phrase around here. 80 workspaces help to achieve that goal.  

    STHLM Music City. Where music and tech meet. That’s the priority for this coworking, highly focused and specialized Stockholm coworking space. Its mission is to drive the music industry into the future through innovation and collaboration. They bring the music industry into the startup ecosystem. With 50 workspaces and highly motivated teams, they can certainly do that. 

    SUP46. Over 150 startups create their business value here. The hub offers entrepreneurs support and mentorship, help in finding fundraising, international expansion methods, PR and communications help, recruitment support. SUP46 wants to turn all their startups' members into global game-changers. With 150 coworking spaces and dedication, they have a shot. 

    The Park. Despite the name, The Park is actually four parks, four locations in central Stockholm. Big locations house 300 coworking spaces for 350 companies. 100 events inspire leaders. 850 active members work daily on their businesses. The Park is eco-friendlymade of advanced materials that withstand the test of time. 


    The Embassy House. This is coworking space and an innovation hub that CSHARK works with. With more than 100 member companies and two central locations in Stockholm, this coworking space is a perfect destination for any startup that wants to spread its wings. Remember that CSHARK works closely with The Embassy House – we support companies with software and technology mentoring. 

    A software product development company 

    The startup is a company that needs time, space, and credit of trust. A workspace is a place when all these needs can be fulfilled. Any given startup needs more than a desk, investor’s support and a place to consult ideas. Startups need software and support of the dedicated programmers.  

    At CSHARK, we have .NET and Golang programmers that can work with any startups in coworking spaces in Stockholm. Any software product development company that wants to make an impact understands that product development services are not the only thing that startups need. At CSHARK, we help with digital transformation. We go beyond the mere code.

    This article wouldn’t have been written without the engagement of our CSHARKers! It was created thanks to their expert knowledge & extensive experience. As multiple people were involved in the consultancy, creation, and verification process, we figured it’s not fair to list just one of us as an author. Let’s say it was a collective work of many great minds.