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    Poland is like Arya Stark with dragon glass, killing The Night King in Game of Thrones hit TV series. Until the recent decade, outsourcing programming services in Poland were undervalued and a little bit underappreciated. The camera was looking at far East for programming services, while Arya went on a journey and was forgotten only to reappear as the fearless game-changer. The Night King is your software challenge and Arya is the solution. And this is a brief story of IT-based Westeros. With Apple’s ‘one more thing’, multitasking, in the background.


    This ‘one more thing’ is the human factor. Software developers from Poland are versatile. They are proficient in English, due to a small cultural gap share the same sense of humor and professional standards, and understand the project’s challenges on-the-spot. Combined with product and services quality, proximity to Western Europe, cultural similarity and a good business environment, Poland is an established market for IT outsourcing.

    Poland is an IT outsourcing hotspot for a reason. Developers here are highly-qualified, IT infrastructure is one of the best in the world and geographical location is extremely beneficial. You don’t go to Poland for outsourcing programming services, almost anyone can write a code nowadays. You go to Poland for quality code, IT consulting, and customer service.


    IT outsourcing programming services in Poland - Main benefits


    Finally for that ‘one more thing’ that Apple has been known for the last two decades. That ‘one more thing’ is multitasking. Polish software developers think about the project more widely than their colleagues in other countries. They know that code has to be clean and commented. They care about functionalities – they develop them almost on-the-spot and they are market-ready from the start. Polish software developers are simply time-efficient. Since there are big differences between junior, mid-level and senior software developers in Poland, developers have to learn and expand knowledge in order to keep up. With the project, technologies, international competition and so on. They can start on a project while being a mid-level and graduate to a senior. The result? Strong affection to code and care for quality.

    The quality is what the Western world knows and appreciates. According to OECD, Poles are among hardest-working nations in the world which translates into high-quality products and services. It’s not about working hours per se, it’s about work ethics.

    What does it mean for the customer? Not only refined software and services but also business awareness, knowledge about processes and ability to step up as an IT advisor. Poles can rescue a project by refining the code left by previous outshore or nearshore development team. They can clean it, add functionalities, guide a client through a deployment roadmap and deliver the project on time. That is way more than a simple coding.

    Agile and technologies

    That’s why they attend meetups and obtain professional certificates. They work and know Agile through and through. In Agile methodology, you have to be responsible for your code and performance. That demands results expressed as lines of code and respect towards team members. If one developer abandons the post and sinks the quality, then other parts of the project may be threatened. That doesn’t happen.

    Cutting-edge technologies are also important. The technology stack of Polish software developers is impressive; two or three core technologies with three to five additional ones? Nothing special for a full-stack developer. That person can do front-end while having strong back-end competencies. Technologies develop and mature very fast, that’s why developers have to keep up with them all the time.



    Did you know that Malwarebytes, an anti-malware solution available on Windows, Android and ioS, was developed by Poles? Founded by Marcin Kleczyński, named by Forbes ‘30 under 30 Rising Stars of Enterprise Technology’ in 2015, Malwarebytes challenged industry giants like Symantec and Kaspersky, since their solutions didn’t have (and still don’t have) modules responsible for effective tracking and removal of bad code.

    What about LiveChat, a widely popular online chat in the U.S? Did you know that with over 27,000 paying customers and presence in over 150 countries, this company landed clients like IKEA, ING, and PayPal? This company is Polish as well.


    Economy and employment in IT

    There are many special economic zones in Poland. Many major cities in the country are covered with the blanket that goes along with them. Preferential taxation, extensive local talent, a great city and private infrastructure creates a great atmosphere for business and future development. That’s not all – according to the Central European Financial Observer, Poland has the biggest GDP per capita growth in the OECD and in Europe in general. Product development services in Poland benefits from that. A healthy economy and stable political system contribute to the development of many industries, IT included.

    According to the new McKinsey’s report, Poland was one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide pre-crisis and the fastest-growing economy in post-crisis Europe of 2008-2013. The McKinsey’s report says that a number of Poles employed in outsourced business processing, IT, and R&D almost tripled between 2009 and 2014, with annual growth hitting 20%. That’s not all. Poland’s growth was higher than in all Central Europe, it also outpaced India three times. Market penetration is already higher in Poland than in India (understood as jobs in outsourced business services as a percentage of the country’s population), and it’s still growing.

    The concentration of talent is widely distributed. Wrocław (the CSHARK headquarters) is among the three largest hubs of high-quality software development personnel. Product development services continue to grow in Wrocław, Warsaw and Cracow, with Katowice following (our third and newest office).

    Business services in Poland cost less in comparison to those in Western European countries, yet the quality is higher, says the report. One of its paragraphs is even titled ‘Come for the savings, stay for the quality’. It makes sense since companies who haven’t had previous experiences with product development services in Poland are sometimes surprised by what the country has to offer.



    Poland became one of the major destinations for outsourcing software. Polish software product developers are appreciated globally and for good reasons. Outsourcing programming services in Poland are performed by highly-skilled software developers, ready to tackle any challenge. We know, CSHARK is Polish too. If you have a software project or need IT consultation, contact us.

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