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Krzysztof Kundys: His Career Path at CSHARK and His After-Hours Secret

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    Krzysztof Kundys is a software tester who's been working at CSHARK for almost two years. Our Shark with a passion to think from the perspective of the end-user. He lives in Wrocław, but his favourite place is Bergen, Norway. Today Krzysztof gives us some insight into his career before and after he joined CSHARK.



    Krzysztof’s beloved Bergen.


    CSHARK: What motivated you to first get into software testing?

    Krzysztof: It started with video games and my growing frustration with them. They’ve been my passion for years, but I was always getting angry about how many things are not working as they should: all the glitches like texture bugs or the many possibilities to cheat were rather demotivating. I started investigating what a typical user can do in a game. Then I realized I could help game producers by sending them info about bugs. They were always grateful. Once I was also asked if I could do more thorough bug research and I agreed. Having tested several games, I realized I wanted to do it full-time. I started to self-study, visit IT meetings and conferences and test as much as I could. I have also obtained the ISTQB certificate. It helped me get my first full-time software testing job at CSHARK.


    CSHARK: What was your career like before you joined CSHARK?

    K.: I’d done a lot of different things before. I had several part-time jobs as a sales assistant or a builder before I started my career as a Football Scout. After two years, I had decided that working in a football club is risky, so I went into HR: first as a Researcher, then Recruiter and finally as a Team Leader/Sourcing Manager.


    CSHARK: The best part of your current job?

    K.: Learning 24/7, every day. Knowing that every new experience and skill can help me do my job better and better makes me feel positive and optimistic about my job. 


    CSHARK: How do you stay productive while working remotely?

    K.: For me, as a junior, it’s not that easy to stay productive, but I am trying to do my best. I wake up early, grab a coffee and just start work. To not being bored I am taking regular, short breaks not to get bored: I make myself another coffee or wash my face to get more energy and then get back to work. Unfortunately, I have a fridge close to my desk, so I also grab snacks. Or 2… or 7...



    Krzysztof’s desk in his home office - this is where he works and streams his gaming efforts on Twitch.


    CSHARK: Last but not least, tell us about your role after hours: game streaming. What inspired you to get into it?

    K.: I was inspired by many streamers and YouTubers I’ve been watching recently, including Ewron or Tivolt. I tried game streaming myself and discovered it gives me a lot of satisfaction when I see people are having fun during my gameplay or commentary. It reminds me so much when I was young and my father played some games and I was watching him do it. It brings out the best childhood memories. 



    Krzysiek in action! You can subscribe to his Twitch channel here.


    CSHARK: Now, it’s time for five fire round:

    1. What's the most unusual thing you've ever done?

    K.: Traveling for 48h through the Czech Republic without sleep.

    1. What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

    K.: Knife, sharpener and book “how to survive on a deserted island.”

    1. What's your favorite game?

    K.: "Ori and the Blind Forest".

    1. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

    K.: Actually, I am a superhero (shhh…). I make people smile.

    1. You spot a shark while swimming, what do you do?

    K.: I’m saying: I’m a (C)SHARK too!


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    Krzysztof Kundys
    Quality Assurance Specialist at CSHARK. Our Shark who value quality. His passion is to think from the perspective of the end user.
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