CSHARK’s Rebranding – Something Old, New, Borrowed and Not Blue

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    CSHARK’s rebranding is an opportunity. To show-off: experience, talents and projects. In CSHARK's case it was a matter of scaling the organisation, bringing more people on board and opening up the company to face a new reality.

    We wanted something special for CSHARK’s rebranding. We wanted not only a new logo and visual identification but also a breath of fresh air that comes with a change. Opening up to new and perspective markets has given us the opportunity to work on some amazing projects (stay tuned!), invest in startups and hire new people.

    We believe in future and technology that brings us closer to sci-fi, now more than ever before. That is why product development services are only a starting point for us. From now on we are making projects embedded in Industry 4.0, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) and FinTech. We have experience working for the financial sector, for the biggest banks and regulatory bodies all over the world. Partnering up with Fenergo, an Irish-based company, we have managed to influence organisations into tackling security and data management issues in a new way. Now we are ready for more.

    ‘More’ starts with a logo. A mint slash you see all over the place is a sign of not only a shark’s fin but also a representation of a sign borrowed from C++, Pascal, HTML, XML or BBCode. It is our identity. We wanted something fresh and light, that is why we have turned to InTheSky agency, a Wrocław-based company with experience and great ideas.

    Our team lead Michał Śliwiński:

    CSHARK is a company that offers highly tailored software solutions. Company's image didn’t necessarily address that, so we have decided to work on something modern, that can be showcased not only to customers but also distributed internally, across all 3 company’s R&D sites (Wrocław, Bielsko-Biała and Katowice).

    We have thought about two different approaches. The first one mirrored the old logo and colour schemes and supposed to be modern. The second one was a brand-new proposition brought to the table by InTheSky. CSHARK immediately discovered that a new proposition can work, so we have started to incorporate it into the project. The idea of a mint slash was born.

    As InTheSky, we always look for new and interesting ways to deliver. That’s why we did put our bet on a very minimalistic overall look, based solely on typography. It’s also very functional and susceptible for modification. It’s true for #ExpectMore as well. This new CSHARK’s tagline was born out of a general idea that company’s standards are higher, therefore customers and employees alike can simply get more.



    As a marketing manager I always look for a partner that not only understands the mentality of executive staff but also a company’s soul. InTheSky had a great portfolio, historically good quality and cooperative approach. They were very meticulous, asking a lot of questions. They understood our hunger for quality in the world of software development. Today’s market is full of applications bristling with bugs and half-baked functionalities. We have always wanted and still want more – quality, responsibility, reliability. That’s why CSHARK has been formed.

    Over 4 years CSHARK has grown from the startup phase and is now a seasoned software product development company full of great and dedicated developers. With almost 200 souls on board we believe in communication, responsibility and passion. Our new visual identity is only a new form of expression. The core remains the same. CSHARK developed rapidly (take a look at our timeline) since the very beginning with a clear vision and strategy and is now ready for new challenges.

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    CSHARK Kamila Łopińska Marketing Manager
    Kamila Łopińska
    A seasoned Marketing Manager, building brand awareness on the Polish and foreign markets. A driving force behind the human face of marketing and the world of increasing revenues.