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How to Align Communication Between Software Testers and Software Developers?
Testers and developers must be able to collaborate closely to deliver a software product on time, in accordance with quality standards and client requirements. They will successfully deliver only if they communicate with each other clearly and efficiently.
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26/08/2020 Technical Skills of a Highly Effective Software Tester
Software testers need a variety of technical skills to understand the technology they are about to verify. They must be able to use the testing tools, follow the testing process, report on their findings and show a solid knowledge of the current web and mobile technology trends.
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29/07/2020 What Does a Software Tester Do? Key Responsibilities
Testers are key in assuring quality standards of the development of the new tool. A tester must take all the functional requirements into consideration and check whether they have been implemented in an optimal way.
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06/11/2019 Quality Assurance in Agile software development
Quality testing in Agile should be based on automatic processes and be part of a long-term plan to elevate the quality of services in the company. At CSHARK we believe in service - testing is a very important part of our software product development process. How is it done exactly?
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06/08/2019 5 Reasons Why Agile Testing Improves The Software
Agile Testing lets software developers create valuable products, with Quality Assurance Specialists backing them up. What is Agile Testing and how it elevates software development?
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