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Inversion of Control #2: Decoupling through Events
Read about the next level of implementation of the Inversion of Control: the Events. The article is written by Konrad Zajda, our full-stack developer.
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05/10/2020 Microsoft Ignite 2020 – Event of the “New Normal”
COVID-19 hit us throughout the entire globe forcing people to stay home, wear masks and making traveling a lot more difficult than it used to be. In the dawn of “new normal,” we have shifted our activities online. That what’s Ignite 2020 was about – from form through contents.
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18/06/2020 Inversion of Control – #1 Dependency Injection
Inversion of Control is a pattern of software development in object-oriented programming. We distinguish several implementations of the IoC. In this article, we will take a closer look at the first implementation - the dependency injection.
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04/12/2019 Memory Management in .NET – Garbage Collector
How to efficiently manage the memory under .NET? Learn a few tricks and focus on business value instead of remembering about allocating or deallocating memory.
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27/08/2019 How to Eliminate Anti-Patterns in Software Development?
How anti-patterns wreck software projects? Our DevOps engineer has prepared the list of anti-patterns tips. Check how to maintain your code quality.
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