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Growing in Spite of Challenges – CSHARK with the Second Business Gazelle Award
We are thrilled to announce that CSHARK received the Business Gazelle 2020 Award.
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20/10/2020 Petromex Has Positively Reviewed Our Cooperation In The Interview For Clutch
The Polish wholesaler and retailer of fuels and heating diesel oils, Petromex company, described our cooperation on the Clutch platform.
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16/09/2020 CSHARK and SWPS University Launch a Joint Internship Program
CSHARK began cooperation with the SWPS University to help elevate skills of graphic design students via an internship program. Thanks to the program, the interns will gain hands-on experience in designing applications and software products.
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07/07/2020 CSHARK Rated by Clutch as one of Poland’s Top Software Developers for 2020
CSHARK is one of Poland’s Top Software Developers for 2020. Quality software matters to us that’s why we are very proud of our high ratings on Clutch.
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29/05/2020 CSHARK Got the Next Review on the Clutch
Our 5th review on the Clutch is from OmegaLambdaTec, the German advanced data analysis company. Our team has developed a mobile application for data reading from wearable devices.
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