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MVP Development – 15 Steps to Build an Effective MVP
We debunk some of the myths around MVP development, providing a clear concept itself and the right way to execute the MVP.
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14/11/2020 Software Development Life Cycle Models
Software development is a challenge. To make the development process fast and effective, software developers had agreed to follow the SDLC models.
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12/11/2020 The Art of Conducting Performance Reviews – Our Approach
We offer a feedback process that is different from traditional methods. Our approach is more systematic and flexible, we concentrate on what really matters and we prioritize the areas for improvement.
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27/10/2020 Performance Review: the Importance of Doing It Right
A well-structured and constructive performance review is rare. In most companies, the feedback process isn't meaningful, and the results of the conversation for employees aren’t clear. We have described why it is a mistake.
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05/10/2020 Microsoft Ignite 2020 – Event of the “New Normal”
COVID-19 hit us throughout the entire globe forcing people to stay home, wear masks and making traveling a lot more difficult than it used to be. In the dawn of “new normal,” we have shifted our activities online. That what’s Ignite 2020 was about – from form through contents.
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