RegTech software development enterprise solutions


Regulatory Technology (RegTech) software product development services are utilized for example by banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, and the energy sector. Used for cost optimization and compliance with local and global law, they contribute to overall enterprise performance and mitigate risk. By using RegTech from a trusted software product development company, you have a tool for sensible risk management.

RegTech software development enterprise solutions 

CSHARK has over 300 regular and senior Polish programmers on board. As a software product development company working with Fenergo for global banks and financial institutions, we know how important it is to have solutions implemented for a stable and effective organization. It’s especially important for enterprise-level companies since they are a target for multiple external threats. They can also fall prey to long-lasting legacy software systems and issues generated by them. By using proven solutions from a seasoned software development partner, financial institutions make them a partner in risk management as well.  

Currently, we are focused mostly on the German RegTech, Sweden RegTech, and Scandinavian RegTech as well as Canadian RegTech solutions.

There are five main areas widely associated with RegTech: 

  • Compliance 
  • Risk management 
  • Identity management and control 
  • Regulatory reporting 
  • Transaction monitoring 


In other words, the regulatory technologies are associated with such use of technology which improves compliance standards and regulations and to help regulators analyze potential differences. 

The most important RegTech elements: 

  • Codification of regulations, laws, or principles in a programming way so that it is possible to perform systematic tests (compliance) in a deterministic way 
  • Compliance testing and suggesting actions based on data and codified rules (risk management)
  • Identifying, collecting, and managing data from the context of a given problem area (IM, EM, KYC, ID&V)
  • Facilitation of compliance monitoring - reports, triggers (reporting)
  • Monitoring dynamic data and processes as an additional source of potential risk (transaction monitoring)
  • Finally, an end-to-end flow that can provide all of the above in a consistent manner 


Although RegTech is usually associated with FinTech there are other verticals where regulations can be applied in the form of software controlling applications: 

  • Construction – regulations regarding standards and requirements  e.g. building permits, prospectus analysis 
  • Compliance with norms and standards in the industry  like ISO, QA 
  • Discounts or subsidies  e.g. for the European Union subsidiaries, nowadays especially applied for all COVID-19 related government support 
  • Social protection all situations when we determine who is entitled to a benefit and in what amount
  • Insurance (InsurTech) – e.g. calculation of premiums based on certain factors
  • Legal  (LawTech)  because it is rather difficult to systematize all legal or tax regulations, due to the freedom of interpretation and the complexity of the legal language, however, many rules can be translated into simple rules – such as the Highway Code, etc.
  • Medicine  e.g. permission to introduce medicine into production or preparation for entering clinical tests 

Why is software development for RegTech important?  

RegTech is used to increase the effectiveness of financial institutions and banks, as well as to assure compliance with the law. It also proves to be a fine line of defense and support for risk management. Regulators expect solutions at the place. On one hand, the software increases the possibility of supervision by officials, on the other – increases the effectiveness of communication between banks and supervisory authorities. It also closes the technological gap within banks, making them modern.  

Wisely chosen product development services also increase trust between banks and clients and banks and regulators. It helps detect financial fraud, onboard clients, verify their creditworthiness, and supports risk management.

What law is a base for RegTech implementation?

Among others:

  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II
  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation


RegTech significantly cut costs of compliance with these acts, as they are complicated and demanding. Product development services minimize the risk of running an organization dealing with people, money, and market uncertainty.

These are examples of laws important for German RegTech, Sweden RegTech, Scandinavian RegTech, and Canadian RegTech.

Regulatory Technology Software Development

Even though CSHARK now specializes in outsourcing services in the nearshore and offshore model, we are rooted in financial technology (FinTech) and RegTech. Thanks to our product development services, financial institutions significantly control risk management and are compliant with the local and global financial regulations.

Making a RegTech project?

CSHARK has 3 locations in Poland: Wrocław, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. As a software product development company experienced in RegTech, we know how important it is to have software developers with high attention to detail. If you have a RegTech project, contact us.

Software development and IT consulting

We mostly work in Time & Material model which is very beneficial for our partners. CSHARK offers you software development enterprise solutions as well as development and IT mentoring for startups. No matter what your company size is - if you have a RegTech project, you can optimize your costs with us.

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