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What is MAKO?

Imagine a city.

Living ecosystem of interconnected things. A city with its infrastructure: power lines, water & gas supply, roads, trams, traffic control, lighting. Its own police and fire brigade and their dispatch centre. You can buy a parcel in the city and build your business tower there. We can also build it for you. Your business can benefit from all amenities.

The city also scales with your business and responds to your needs.

You need more power? We can double the power lines and set up another power plant. Or maybe you expect massive deliveries every morning? We will make "all green" for your trucks or build another pair of rails right
to your doorstep.


Based on microservices architecture and the latest achievements of the IT world we are building a foundation of modern cloud-native applications. An application is no longer a massive static and fragile thing, but a living ecosystem, which can easily evolve, quickly adapt to changing external conditions and recover from failures by itself.

By mixing and matching the platform building blocks, you will be able to create solution to business needs. You are also free to modify the blocks or build your own - either from scratch or on the base of our service templates.

MAKO Benefits

Build software easier and deliver faster in the modern way.

  • Develop almost any kind of software you want
  • Use the technology stack that you prefer
  • Save the time associated with infrastructural complexity analysis
  • Save the time for design
  • Implement faster and easier
  • Save up to 12 months of similar solution development

Benefits of the infrastructure

Jump-start with cutting-edge flexible and scalable architecture. Match the post-industrial service-based economy’s demand.

  • Technology Heterogeneity
  • Resilience
  • Scaling
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Composability
  • Optimized for Replaceability
  • Organizational Alignment
Three steps to your success

save time and money
on initial development


implement business
services from day onet


scale the architecture
to adjust it to your needs

Why would you need MAKO?

Data consistency

MAKO delivers libraries with base classes for the implementation of patterns like Domain-Driven Design and Event Sourcing. Thanks to them and infrastructural components event bus/message queue, MAKO assures an optimal implementation of the system with distributed data.

MAKO delivers easy-to-use components that support both external communication (client-server/gateway) and internal, between microservices. External communication is realized through a secure HTTPS protocol, and internal through HTTPS protocol or HTTP, and event bus/message queue.

Retry with variable backoff, circuit breaker, and wide support for these strategies across HTTP/HTTPS and event bus/message queue makes your communication in your system resilient.

MAKO has a pre-defined set of components and practices that gives the industry-standard system security, both on authentication and authorization fields. To achieve that, MAKO utilizes standards like OAuth2, JWT, Claims-based authorization, HTTPS.

Monitoring of the ecosystem is extremely important. You can immediately react when something fails or when the system is overloaded. MAKO delivers health check mechanism for microservices. Advanced monitoring of network parameters is possible via Istio (service mesh).

MAKO delivers templates for automatic testing and strategy for their usage, based on the best practices. By leveraging this strategy and keeping name conventions, you can use pipeline templates (currently we support Azure DevOps).

MAKO delivers service templates that can be your starting point for the implementation of business functionalities in a project. Such a template provide convenient scaffolding and encourages industry best practices in your implementation.

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