Logistics Software Development Services


With a global impact of a global village, companies must compete not only for client’s money but also for attention and loyalty. That means quality, on-time delivery, tracking goods, and the ability to make real-time reactions to route obstacles. Your company needs a whole system for tracking products in the factory, cooperation with distributors. The journey doesn’t end there. Knowing who, when, where, and how to buy the merchandise is vital to the structure of your shipment. It’s also important for the core of your business. Read about CSHARK's logistic software development services.

Logistics software development services

Software development companies and their IT outsourcing services contribute to the scaling of major, globally recognizable brands.


Without telematics, there is no effective supply chain or logistics as a whole. Telematics involves telecommunication technologies, systems for road transportation & safety, engineering, multimedia & the Internet, and a lot more. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and software that runs it, is a backbone for everything in between.

By working with our Partners, CSHARK is focused on analytics and digitalization of data. We approach challenges with your business goal in mind, integrating our solutions with already existing systems or building them from scratch.

You can use our Partner’s solution for fleet management and routing. You will always know where your drivers are, how much fuel the cars consume, what is the technical condition of the fleet. Monitoring drive safety habits reduces costs and provides real-time information on your fleet.


You can’t have logistics without telematics; you can’t have telematics without mobile software development. Mobility is about data – gathering, sending, processing, analyzing, sharing. The Industrial Internet of Things means even more data. That requires scalable applications, strong servers cloud environment to transfer information between sensors and apps, straight to managers.

With our experience in software development and IT outsourcing across Europe, North America, and Asia, we see a growing demand for pinpointing performance and productivity gaps. With the strategic placement of beacons inside the factory or shipping center, you can identify the product’s location on the premises, remotely manage operations, and a lot more. And with 5G technology, you can gather even more data than before, meaning that proper application of IoT real-time data processing solutions will help you to be more competitive.

Shipping and tracking apps

Mobility adds transparency to shipping operations – no more lost crate or container, always clear information on which product is under whose responsibility. Mobility improves processes – real-time information about the company’s performance provided by product development services and quality apps improve the organization. Higher customer satisfaction rates are also easily achievable. Tracking shipments and constant updates on the position of the goods build trust and brand loyalty.

Urban transport apps

We can create traffic monitoring, route optimization, as well as cab, ride-hailing, and bike-sharing apps. You can also use applications to see where and how many parking spaces around you are available. If you don’t have a car – utilize the public transit options in your area. Urban transportation is a part of a shared economy and transforms local communities. These transformations could not be possible without software that powers it all. The creativity of solutions, driven by crowdfunding or backed by equity money, amazes both clients and investors. Not all of them can succeed; all of them need software to base their businesses on.

Enterprise software development solutions powers up modern logistics

The benefits of your company automatically become your client’s benefits. According to a PWC study on transport and logistics, 68% of CEOs expect changes in core technologies of production or service provision will positively disrupt their business. The pressure on business effectiveness drive change. Companies see digitalization, changes in consumer behaviours, challenges with data protection, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics (BDA), and advancements in electromobility.

Software-driven process changes drive a lot of new opportunities. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), robotic process automation (RPA), predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, drone supervision, and Artificial Intelligence solutions for transportation and logistics lead to changes in the organization. All of this, and the simplification of internal processes, wide adoption of digital solutions, higher connectivity and data exchange between various company sites, warehouses, and docks, directly impact client satisfaction.

Applications for logistics ultimately lead to better utilization of resources. That leads to better planning. That finally drives product development innovations. More innovative products, lower shelf prices. That’s the ultimate goal, achievable with quality software product development.

Mobile software development solutions also lead to increased safety. With the ability to have information on cargo and people, you can make sure no one will get hurt while unloading the cargo or get stuck in the middle of the road with no fuel.

Improve routing, route records, vehicle maintenance, and excessive collaboration on getting the package to the client is possible only thanks to applications that promote transparency. Modern shipping is even more about information than shipping itself. Can you deliver real-time shipping updates? Can you change the delivery address at half-past midnight? Today anybody can deliver. Not everybody can build a relationship with a customer and have reliable applications to expand that relationship. An internal system or shipment control is also a must.


CSHARK has 300+ quality software developers. We have experience with legacy systems, creating a telematics application for awarded German startup, the VecCtor. We also have made a total greenfield, subscription-based, infrastructure services platform to charge car owners that use public roads.

CSHARK can help you with the development of advanced logistic solutions. Read what VecCtor talks about us in the review submitted on Clutch.

No matter if the system is new or requires attention and modernization, we support clients with a wide range of services and cover all full product development lifecycle. We can create software development enterprise solutions for fleet management and telematics, IoT, smart parking, predictive maintenance, mapping and navigation, in-vehicle connectivity, and a lot more.

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