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Financial technology (called FinTech) refers to modern financial services that help to manage operations and processes through advanced technologies and it refers to companies that offer innovative solutions for the financial industry.

FinTech is highly consumer-oriented because of constant client demands for more personalized functionalities of banking systems and financial mobile applications. From the FinTech solutions provider's point of view, the prediction of consumer needs drives new business opportunities. Systems assuring customer data validation, money’s origins, and credibility are among the most focused on right now. FinTech products deliver transparency and reliability.

Experienced FinTech software development company 

CSHARK has over 6 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge about how to create, configure and implement environments on a daily basis used by some of the biggest banks, financial and regulatory institutions in the world. Insurance, payment systems, and security – we have vast expertise and software developers on board that can support your FinTech project at any time. Our team has developed financial technology solutions for B2B payment processes and digital banking for companies from Ireland, Singapore, China, Australia, and Canada (especially Toronto). In the last 7 years, we’ve run more than 50 FinTech projects for global banks thanks to our cooperation with Fenergo, a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management from Ireland.

For Fenergo, CSHARK provides software development services to help the company with delivering FinTech software solutions for financial services firms from Ireland, France, Canada, New York, Singapore, Australia, and other parts of the world. The aim of the cooperation is to build, develop and maintain Fenergo’s CLM solutions. Thanks to ongoing and long-term cooperation our team has extensive knowledge, knows possible risks and standards of compliance law which is necessary for FinTech projects.

CSHARK can help you with the development of advanced FinTech solutions. See what our biggest client Fenergo talks about us in the review submitted on Clutch.

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Why you should decide on FinTech development services provided by CSHARK?

  • Technology experience is our biggest advantage

CSHARK has over 7 years of experience in the development of financial solutions for global banks. Our software development team, made of over 300 .NET engineers, Testers, DevOps, and UX designers, have built advanced solutions that increase the performance of operations, and are cost-saving. Our team is experienced in building, implementing, and maintenance of FinTech products. Developers regularly participate in internal and external training, workshops, and conferences to constantly improve their skills.

  • We know how to manage software projects

At the beginning of cooperation, we analyze the client's needs and expectations. After that, we put together the results of our talks and factors such as budget, time, and available team of specialists, and we create a plan of the development works. By using the SCRUM project management methodology, we manage projects in an Agile way, which has a positive impact on decisions, fast implementation of requirements, and changes, and the planning of the next steps.

  • We are not afraid of challenges

It doesn't matter to us whether you're planning to build a project from scratch, you are a FinTech startup at the beginning of its journey or your company is facing the challenge of refactoring the software code that is now obsolete. We have experience and a team of specialists who will help you face these challenges and limit the technological debt, by improving or refactoring the code.

  • We have the MAKO

A rapid software development platform based on microservice architecture and it fits well with FinTech projects. Why? Because one of the microservices advantages is security. When your software will not work as it should, you can easily find the service responsible for the not working function and fix it. With monolithic architecture that would not be possible.

  • FinTech software development solutions go hand in hand with RegTech systems

Financial services must comply with legal regulations in order to adhere to applicable regulations and be safe for users. We are aware of this and have knowledge in this area.

  • We create user-friendly products

Besides .NET software developers, our development team includes talented UX/UI designers and software testers. Regardless of whether we create financial software or develop a FinTech application, our products are intuitive and all the potential problems with their functionalities and bugs are detected and solved at the beginning of the software development stage.

  • We work in IT nearshore and offshore cooperation models

Cooperation with an IT outsourcing partner has many advantages: experienced software developers for hire, competitive rates, or work in the Time & Material model, so you pay for hours actually worked. Thanks to the SCRUM methodology, you do not have to worry about communication issues. What is more, our team meets with a client at least once per quarter.

At CSHARK we offer you professional FinTech software development services to make your financial technology product competitive on the global market.

Find out more about how the CSHARK engineering team supports the Irish leader of FinTech and RegTech services, Fenergo company, and why our cooperation is constantly developing after five years.

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Develop Your FinTech Solutions

CSHARK offer a wide range of FinTech product development solutions

  • Development, improvement, and maintenance for investment, corporate, commercial, and private banks
  • Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Client Data Management
  • Integration and optimization with third parties’ financial systems
  • FinTech UX/UI of mobile applications and web design development
  • Digital banking
  • Personal banking
  • Quality Assurance of FinTech software
  • Payment systems

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